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  • 2 months later...

get over it.

ive got some really sick jeans that i bet you fools dissing womens jeans would definately wear if you didnt know they came from the womens side of the store.

but then again ignorance is bliss, all the more awsome jeans for me.

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i rock girl jeans. whatever.


im a skinny ass dude and anything else looks like PHAT RAPPA PANTZZZZ haha.



but yeah i admit it. its cool, as long you dont buy them shits with like flowers on the back pocket.



(ps. girls fucking god damn love it)



he knows what hes talking about, its true.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well #1 most any girl loves a guy and girl pants

#2 Ya'll sayin you can't be havin a package if you wearin em ..more like you can't be afraid to show your shit off cause I mean unless your shits real small and your embarassed you aint got nuthin to worry about

PLUS it keeps ya shit in place for the most part so you aint gotta b grabbin yourself every 2 minutes to fix it.


Butt I mean w/e I rock em and I aint afraid to rock em and if any of yall think I aint straight I'm thinkin I gotta bunch of people that can prove you wrong.

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There really is no justification for wearing womens pants, unless your REALLY fucking skinny and they are tapered, if your wearing womens flairs, then yeah, your probably an emopalooza.


Levi's slim fit does it for me.


i would say being a woman would be a good justification for wearing women's pants

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Well #1 most any girl loves a guy and girl pants


Ive met, maybe 4? girls my entire life who think that shit is hot.


I guess I dont hang out at the right vinyl toy collector's conventions to meet this vast majority.

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Mann just let people wear what they wanna wear..if you're expressing yourself the shit don't really matter..I mean I think those gothic people who wear 500 chains on thur pants look dumb but I don't go around bashin em and shit.

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