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Hank Parker

Das Deutschland

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Well, I spent the last 3 days in the "home land" out in Europe.

here is a list of things i enjoyed while i was out there...


big titties

the highways are hit harder than jersey and run twice as long

beer of course

smoking in the airport...where ever

the language barrier

late night phone sexen commercials for your cell phone

random soft core porn strip tease shows to rod stewart and eric clapton

"I kick the mad style so step off the frankfooter"

laughing every time i saw the word "Ausfhart" on the autobahn

the posted speed is 140 klicks...but was doing 200 in a mini van taxi

some rapper sampling "Rock Me Amadeaus" in is song

their rap is all about huge boxers and tuff guys like on Indiana Jones



meh...i'm too tired to list more...all i can think about is sleep and myspace hoe's.



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Guest sneak

when i went to berlin, there were porn shops everywhere selling the most filthy fucked up shit ever.

the highways are interesting...love the fuck off chrome blockbusters..


other than that, the i didnt enjoy it. probably because i was there to see just how badly they fucked the world up in ww2, bad impressions and all.

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those germans....theyre freaky. and thats why i liked the hot german boy. except he was very dark complexioned, which made things even better.


id go to germany after argentine, spain, pr, something south pacific and maybe south africa.

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Originally posted by slave_one@Jun 3 2005, 07:12 AM

i went to germany once...wiesbaden to be exact.


i'd like to go back. it was fun.


I lived in germany for five years. actually pretty close to this town. a couple of my friends lived there.

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Lately I've had this overwhelming desire to move to Germany. I don't know why. I plan on going there next year for the World Cup to scope it out. My girlfriend seems attracted to the place too so maybe wheels will get in motion....

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