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what up..im looking for some photos to add to my RIS CREW photo album...im looking for trains wall tags throwie anything from RIS CREW....GHOST REAS SANE KET VEN SUDZ STORM 6PACK WANE MIRO LOST DUTCH NEO CRO DUEL EAONE HELP REMOTE VFR JA (PIECES) DG TEKAY CAVS ZENO BRUZ SAR SMOG VISA NEV67 DOOBS SIN SCAM INGY GATO SO1 ZONEY REC127 SUR167 STRIDER KARIM NYE SAINT SO1 and any one else i forgot.


...other flicks im looking for are: clean or dirty trains by anyone....others writers of interest:revs and cost wheat pasting.



i have flicks to trade and i have some old paint to trade also...i DO NOT have jungle green or icy grape.

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