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ok i might get bitched at this but i dont care.

this is a sick way to make a nice marker for cheap, that you can make drip if you want to. you can also make any color possible.


heres the steps

1. Go to your local doller store.

2. get a face marker (the one that the top pops off) or a window marker, (which looks like a small bingo dabber). If you cant find either of these, a bingo dabber will work. (-make sure to get the kind of bingo dabber that is refillable.

3. Next, while your at your dollar store, look for something called

"Crafters Acrylic" or "Deco art". they sould come in little bottles about as big as one of those travel size shampoo bottles.

4. choose your colors. Theres a HUGE vareity of these paints, and theyre easy to buy at 75 cents each.

5. Take the top of your marker you bought. Dump all the shit out that came with it, cause that shit is washable.

6. Take the tube of your selected paint and squeeze it in there.

7. put the lid on tight and your good to go.


This marker is all i use. I say fuck all the montana pump shit markers, everyone of them ive ever owned has sucked. The on the Run tagstar XL, with the huge ass nib, i paid 20$ for it. The ink wore off from the sun in 3 days and was barely visable.

When i hit with my markers ive made from this recipe^ Its crazy permanent, flows great, and is able to drip just by squeezing the bottle.



you can also use those paints in those bottles to fill up your pilots and refillable paint markers. Might wanna add a tiny bit of thinner.

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