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a day in the life of Hot Boy

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You know how the Hot Boy do never fucking around

try and top my benchin youll get fucking clowned

i been doing this shit since before you was doing this shit

never fallin off or fallin in a drainage pit

cuz i come through like my niggas down in florida

try and top my motherfuckin benchin and ill murdaya

king of fucking doin it up and flarin and bustin

im that nigga that you forever be trustin

when i got my cannon and im in they yard

i know im benchin and im mother fuckin hard

get off my jock and dont be jackin my flicks

ill beat yo ass like i do my tricks

the king of benching never takin no flicks

beatin you haters off me like dicks

sliding through the lines like a snake in the grass

flickin every piece then postin em for your ass

i got the power of the biggest bencher like freight hound

and like married bencher, i been around

cant fucking stop me like my boys the boss and eggman

cuz i come through with the illest hip hop tan

aint even trippin off no battle or bout

king canadian bencher, im out

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nigga you aint got that fire. how can u got that fire if i got that fire? im out niggas. mtv cribs be on

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Originally posted by HOT BOY@May 28 2005, 03:48 AM




yo word in the taggin yard is these Hot Boyz. i was in the graffiti Gr@fF t@gG1n spot lastnight and this morning and heads was rollin tryin 2 get down wiff tha Hot Boyz.

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