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dis what you niggas gotta do to be a king like me. see i started this shit. i pretty much invented this shit back in like 2001. niggas wasnt doing it like me. i love fucking going up in the yard and smelling that krylon and shit just fucking doing it up and doing interviews and shit. like when i was running shit last year and toys was all jocking and wanted to be me. thems was the days. if u want to jock me just hit me up and let me know cuz i will show u toys how its done up here in canada. we dont play. canada kings. showin you americans how we do it and run game. now u know my name and shit and i am king and u wont forget it. like when i was doing stories for the vibe magazine and niggas from the source was hitting me up asking me to be writing for htem and shit but i was too busy fucking burning down trains and shit. end to ends. top to bottoms. t2bs e2es. with my niggas. my crew. we dont play nigga. let it be known that we dont play. shout outs to my niggas for canada. fatso. kwest. my nigga from the burbs Shadow one. my nigga mark 4. my nigga secter. stelth and tars. cameo. kaput and shit. king flares. all them niggas. afex. the king nigga fresh game havin big popppa clout dog SLAVE 3. heres how my niggas do it. a quick way to become the king overnight like my niggas do. just putting it up. doint it:




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My nigga yous a toy my nigga

step up to the real mafioso kings you get merked out here son

ill run you over with my chevy impala on the 26 inch spreewells

hot boy ill soak you in gasoline and make you a real hot boy with my lit cigarette

get yo crew nigga ill bring my niggas and they bring they niggas and well bring iraq to the US you square ass nigga my nigga

i want beef so i brought the a1 sauce

i like to eat beef im eating the shit right now, nigga burger king, number 5 double whopper no cheeze hold the pickles double onions my nigguh

bring it nigga

bring it

ill be here to receive it you like a mailman ill be the dog ready to get ya wooof! woof! nigga!

we real out here on the block ask about me homie

ill brin the AKs UZIs TECs nine millis with the infrared tracking shit in em. Boooooy

I go them shits from bin laden, nigga and im smoking bin laden weed

I smoke that dank like imma smoke yo crew

30 rounds in each of yall, aint nobody finna find you niggas for 20 years, i put my word on that

when they do nigga aint shit gonna be left of you

youll be on the news "do you know who this nigga is?"

"help us identify him so that he may finally rest in piss"

Cause thats what you finna do is rest in piss bitch

nigga cause i been in the pen, i robbed people i comitted like twenty quadruple homicides and i got out cause nobody wanted me in prison!

They was like "CACash that nigga is too hard for the pen, he run this shit! warden! get his ass out of here!"

Nigga i was kicked out cause they di not want to see me niggaaaaa

you wont see me because you cant! imm get my moms ice cream scooper and scoop them eyeballs out yo skull

and then imma eat them shits!

I hate you with so much passion my nigga, christ couldnt even handle it




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