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audio editing - digital mixtapes?

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hey audio nerds,


what's the best audio editing program to make mixes?

I'm not looking to build tracks, so does that mean Acid Pro is out?

I'm looking for something with an interface like pro-tools, but without

the extra hardware requirements. Should I just stick with Acid and learn

soundforge? What's the scoop?

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You wanna go cheap, ask me to send you CoolEdit pro from 1999. I still use it. It's called Adobe Audition now that Adobe bought out the company that made them (Symtrillian, Simtrillonix, I dunno I'm drunk). Or Cubase. Or Ableton Live. I dunno man tons of shit, tons of shit.

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thanks people....


I have traktor and use it for 'e-jaying' as vanman put it.

It's fun tool to play with, but what I'm looking at doing now

isn't the kind of thing that can be done in real time (by me anyway)


I've got cooledit2.1 running now and it looks like it will be the one for me.

Now I just need to read the manual..... or fuck around with it untill I get it.

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I have acid pro, just isn't that more for loop based mixing

as opposed to just laying down tracks?


and who cares about beatmatching anyway? :rolleyes::wink:

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haha. nah, man. you can do everything with acid. not only loop based shizzy. if you've got xp, you can get yourself some pro tools, but that takes tons of time to learn properly.




there's some more stuff.


edit: http://torrentspy.com/search.asp?mode=torr...tails&id=249773


try that, too.

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Originally posted by POIESIS@May 23 2005, 01:39 AM

somebody hook me up with BIAS Deck please...or something OSX comparable..please..


i wish i had a cd burner and i would. i have deck II which is dope. i like it much better than protools. i ended up getting a copy off my sound teacher.

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