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Yasmine Bleeth (strung out hobag)

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I thought it would be funny to mention the article I read about her driving off the side of road, on her way back from Detroit - But with 4 syringes of coke?!


The life of a celebrity, ahahahahaha!


...wait wait wait - dont take that last comment wrong, I think its funny when this kind of thing happens to people I know and dont like, but when I see it happening to someone I dont know I can finally say I dont like,nor would I want to associate with her because shes a cracked out old bitch - Shell be living on the corner soon with a some rocksteady eddie character, who will buy my beer for me, if he gets a little change back for it.


As long as the discussion pertains to Baywatch can we talk about David Hasselhoff getting caught with Steroids? Apparently the numbnuts didnt know how it works 'cause he's the only one with a hairy chest on this stupid show - Am I right. It's probably because he has bitch-tits, due to misuse of hormone based steroids. David Hasselhoff should have retired after nightrider, back then you could say maybe his career was in stable condition, but now ... Pull the fuckin plug on that vegetable! ahh, fuck all these dumb ass shows that just waste good TV's time.



Good TV does exist, Ive seen it..

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speaking of driving off the side of the road and becomeing someone who is in a wooden box forever...I have decided that I HATE my contacts. My left eye was bothering me about 30 minutes before I started home from painting. I am on the expressway and bam it goes crooked and I can't get it straight...and to top hings off my right one decides to fuck up too. I get the right one fixed and I am driving with my left eye closed. Then I open my eye and the thing just falls out. I take it and put it on my steering wheel and drive home with no depth perception on my left side..and to top it off I wasn't sure if I had enough gas to make it home...I barely made it.


ps..I think people killing themselves in drug related accidents is funny..its thier own fault..muhahaha


now pass the 40 I wanna drive

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wait, is she dead? or does she just have a drug problem?? hopefully she just has a drug problem. if we look intot he past cute famous girls who develop drug problems tend to end up in porn -ie. dana plato. i got my fingers crossed.

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