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Asian food


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Agreed, shit is awesome. I would agree with throwing a bit of Indian in there, some of the spices used in Indian help your stomach & digestive system a bit. Don't sleep on the Korean, either.


The above can also apply to women in some way or another, probably with several words rearranged.

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Start off getting a decent wok and doing some stir frying, cooking really doesn't get any easier than that. Egg rolls aren't very hard to make at home either if you have a deep fryer or a good pot for it, and they taste better homemade than anything you'll ever find at an asian restaurant. I've been to some more expensive places and most of them still use premade egg-rolls because of the prep work involved.

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me and ABC are some 'wavelegnth' thing....

I was going to make this EXACT same thread earlier today

but I didn't because I've been abusing the 'new thread' button..


it would have been called:

You eat the best food with chopsticks



^ I need to buy a box of these.

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Guest imported_Tesseract

Vietnamese is definatelly the shit for me, not a sucker for sushi at all and chinese only at its best.

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breakfast might be, eggs-runny, spam-slightly burnt,

and sinangag= rice cooked with garlic and oil.

beleive me you "think" spam is ghetto?,,,,wrong.

go to hawaii.


"LUMPIA"=egg rolls,,absolutly the best ive ever eatin.

there are different styles, all meat= "shanghai lumpia"

"vietnamise style" would have vermicelli noodles

and veg-meat.


"PANCIT"=noodles, many styles here also.most with

vermicelli or spagetti-like noodles.


"ADOBO" a flavoring of mainly chicken, sometimes

beef, but chicken is the best. damn good !!!


these are some of the basic "staple" ones.

i promise you shanghai lumpia will knock your socks off.

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"Chinese" Food that you order is really Chinese-American food, the majority of those dishes have either been made in America or improvized/exagerated to American tastes.


Peace to Duck, Abalone, Dim Sum and my main man Seafood birds nest.




Anyway, I love all food except Russian and E. European , with a few exceptional dishes.

But the continent of Asia's def. got the rest of the world beat.


IndoPak/ Punjabi...


Hindu Veg.







Chinese(although least favourite),

Korean (BBQ is off the hook)

and of course,



Love it all...

I eat Asian food no less than 6 days of the week,

but I'm a product of my enviornment...



South-East Asian food is great because it's got all that mix of sweet and salty and spicy all in one dish...like S.American food.



'bout to cook some seafood green curry Thailandaise now.


What about some recipes on this thread?

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Yeah asian food rocks, my friend owns a Thai restaurant it is off the hoook. Free Thai food fo' life niggazzzzz.


And no Australian's don't really have their own food besides a typical Aussie barbie with a few hundred beers, but on thnat note what does America have??? Fast ffod that is not very healthy for you you obese muhfuckaz

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