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Girlfriends and Graffiti

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for some reason I have a really hard time meeting girls since I got real serious about writting... I really cant be bothered... the legal wall is my girlfriend and freights are my one night stands... tonight Im sleeping with a can of cinnamon american accents

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Guest Remy Martin

Qoute from girlfriend...


"So when are you going to get a job and stop trying to go to jail?"




"but im not trying to go to jail...."


Qoute from girlfriend...


" yahh but its like............................ ..... "


" the reason that people that dont recycle is because the green team needs to come through our neighborhood and do somthing about the awful waste problem we have.."




'' so its all good if i write graffiti?"




" if you end up in jail im going to kick your ass..."




" but im not going to end up in jail.........again......."




" isnt the rare brazilian tortise cute?...."

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Guest cabin fever

"parents just dont understand"


"wow cabin you are the greatest"

not really

my girl is very good about it

she laughed at me when i smelled like pigeon offal and cut my hands on a rope from this one spot...


pitiless i tells ya!


i still like the pants fixing comment!

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first thing i said to my friend after i started dating a writer...


"girl, he writes his own name over and over .....and then sticks it up in every place he isn't fuckin supposed to. what the fuck is that all about? boys are retarded"

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a recent encounter /me ''how was it living in your home town''

her''it kinda sucks and all the boys at my school were stupid graffiti



me ''i write graffiti''

her ''urghhhhhhhh''[while making a face]


older classics ''i like graffiti when its artistic ...but hate that tagging stuff''

''graffiti ...there's no money in that''

''oh you know jonny [so nobody they know] is really good at that''

''yeah....you'll outgrow that my friend[so and so] did''

''if you like it so much then go have sex with a freight instead of me''

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Me : "Hey baby, some of the guys on 12oz have girlfriends who actually buy them paint to suprise them and stuff...."


<incredible silence>


Me : "Well.. umm.. that's pretty cool hey baby ?"


Her : "It's not happening.. I love you ..but it's not happening"



:mad: :mad: :mad:

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