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Amaze, Twist, Espo Thread


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dear blaise, the photo i quoted was taken by a good friend of mine. and can you believe that the 3 i posted, i actually took... WOW! what a concept.


i dont care if you are posting other peoples photos, but you should give credit where credit is due. lots of us take a little bit of pride in finding these and flicking them ourselves.

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twist influenced by trixter?

uhh no way.

espo is infuenced by overbrook wp

twist is just a amazing artist

grey is european in a americans clothes

amaze is influenced by new york plain as day.

but new york influenced them all.

in philly we call fillins, blow ups and espo was doin em in the

tunnels early.twist knew the inportance of a good hand from the

getgo.grey is a solid writer man.you gotta give him that.

amaze's block busters are legendary.biggest i've ever seen.

legal or not.these guys legal work is pretty much just another

way to get over.

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Id agree with most of these comments in general I just wondered what people on here thought.


Twist's graffiti work, his silvers and tags look rooted in nyc subway 80s for the most part at least to me.


Amaze started out with some really regional cali looking stuff and picked up on some NYC style as well. He's all ways consistently keeping it simple. so if his letter forms have gradually changed he's usually maintaining a cohesive look to his shit.



Espo keeps it Philly with the sign painting influence as was mentioned.



I think the thing that they all share is they often paint using two colors, one fill one outline. On occasion Espo or Amaze will use more colors.


Grey Is dope as well with a little Ghost influence and Their boy Geso gets overlooked a bit but is fucking nice.

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