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The Skateboard Thread

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First time fucking with Clear Griptape. Slapped it on my summer cruiser a couple weeks ago.    Eric Koston Numbers Edition 8.5 x 32 Supreme INDY 149's w/ BONES HARD Bushings 1/8in

holy popsicle stick.     Over the weekend a friend gave me a VX for free. Yerrrrrr, dual wielding! 

It is bad form and looks terrible. You should keep your front foot planted on your board for a solid foundation while pushing.   Think about the movement of pushing with your front foot and

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spot looks nice. i can no comply pop shuv>front smith usually but it's hard 2 get it to slide for me. try it out sometime. fun easy ledge trick.


X Games comes on ESPN in 20 minutes. Already watched the women's street on ESPN3 a few hours ago. Girl with the best grinds came in last in the finals and broke her shoulder or something and had to be taken away by paramedics. my boo Alexis Sablone didn't even make the finals and looked to have some sort of a homeless person's haircut sticking out underneath her flexfit hat. maybe next year Alexis Sablone.

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not even sure i could drop/roll in on the mega ramp. holy fuck @ the dude tryna 1080 the gap. skating is at such a ridiculous level i love it. keeps making me respect snowboarding so much less like dudes going broke tryna 1080 on those, meanwhile the same is going on in skating except THEY DONT HAVE GAY ASS BINDINGS

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i miss this koston


X-Games in Philly back in 2000 or so me and my homie were driving back from skating some shit in West Philly. I drive past the Drexel blue bar spot and I yell out "Koston!" at the same time my homie yells out "McCrank!".

So of course we parked up and went and skated with them.

The level of dork tricks these dudes were doing would make Louie Barletta shit his pants.

This video you just posted has absolutely nothing on the level of dork ticks these dudes were doing that night.

I don't know what you mean by you miss "that Koston", but I think that's probably just how he skates when the cameras aren't rolling. Or apparently even sometimes when they are.

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