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The Skateboard Thread

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watching that mullen video reminded me of sitting on kazaa and other stupid shit spending too much time downloading many very short skateboarding videos.

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This guy is amazing.


This guy has got to be on some sort of performance enhancing drugs.




No, seriously though is he a fucking sorcerer or something? That was incredible. Prawps.

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Funny you should say that, cause Danny Way might as well be a robot with all his bionic body parts.


Seriously though, I've never heard anybody mention Danny Way and style in the same sentence.

Danny Way if anything falls into the robotic skater category, and always has.


Be real... you really don't know shit about skateboarding and are just trying to jump into the conversation because you saw me posting and have a borderline hard-on for me.


Inventing/murdering the super ramp wasn't robotic. Neither were all the tricks he's nailed over it. Also your hard on for yourself is way past borderline.

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Can either of you mopes read?

Forsit is black, so I expect him to have trouble with words, but Turtz...what's your excuse?

I never said he wasn't great.

I said his style is lacking.

Yeah sure, he has technical ability.

That means zero to me though.

Style over ability.


i only read fortits comment and made a dumb parody of it. but ultimately i was agreeing with you. i said he looks mad gumby = lanky and wiry, but he rips.


you cant say his style is lacking completely though. his invert game is/was ill.. ive seen him slide some back disasters pretty steezy too.. dont front on ya boy nao

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You're the only one who has mentioned stairs.

By the way, those old Jim's Ramp Jam videos with nothing but mini-ramp skating...WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more interesting to watch than any vert skating done after 1990.



Ramps like that one, i totally agree with. That's a man's mini.



one of my absolute favorites

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nightmare, go get a big ass rubber band from the doctor and just do ankle exercises till you want to kill yourself. ice time and work it out and you will be g!


i would post some photos of myself but im too sketched out to do it on this site hah

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