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The Skateboard Thread

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I'm terrible at skating these days. I still have fun cruising around a little bit, but i mostly just shoot photos and try to goad people into trying shit that could potentially destroy them. I always keep my board in my car though, so it'll be available next time i'm down there.

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First time fucking with Clear Griptape. Slapped it on my summer cruiser a couple weeks ago.    Eric Koston Numbers Edition 8.5 x 32 Supreme INDY 149's w/ BONES HARD Bushings 1/8in

holy popsicle stick.     Over the weekend a friend gave me a VX for free. Yerrrrrr, dual wielding! 

It is bad form and looks terrible. You should keep your front foot planted on your board for a solid foundation while pushing.   Think about the movement of pushing with your front foot and

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C bowl is burly as fuck. I was just thinking that a weekend session may be in order next time it's in the high 30s or low 40s and sunny. Break out the shovels and brooms crack/Boston/crew. I require a back smith or 5-0 from crack, back board to fakie from boston and a nosepick from bostons boy, nh.


this sunday is gonna be pretty warm i heard (high 40s), if you want i'll swing by c-pool and see what's up. how's the park looking around your area, chupa? last time i went there like 3 weeks ago there was 7ft piles of snow, haha.

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haha, you're right, i'd rather be skating nashua's pool of death and drinking cheap booze! slayer is obligatory.


and sunday? if i don't have any shit going on until that night, so that sounds damn fine. just keep in mind that i'm a bowl dude, and the best thing i have to my credit is not being too afraid of destroying my body, haha

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oh, i do, just don't expect kickflips down the set, or anything like that, haha. my street chops are lacking, but i'm sure i'll find some way to put my spin on it.


and i'll be the guy that went to the model BEFORE, haha. 2 shots of whiskey, and i'm good to go

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thats such a rad flick.

dudes gotta get 10,000 points to open up the rest of the tunnel haha. dude should totally try to nosepick one of those pipes.


just picked up a pair of Fallen Revolvers (billy marks signature) for 20 bucks, originally 65. and my buddy grabbed a Creature that came with a sweet koozie, good day.


crack,chupa,noes,anyone else.. im down to hit the pool soon, maybe this weekend, this weathers melting all this snow real quick, so we miht not have to do to much shoveling. i'll try and check it this week and see what we're dealing with.

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