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The Skateboard Thread


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Nice , mine is a 1966 440 American w/ 232 straight 6 . It's fun , and actually nice on gas with a 1bbl carb.


haha i just called my pops, hes got the same exact thing, except his is a 220 american i guess. same year and same motor though. hes actually got a 8 cylinder for it i think hes gonna eventually put in it though.

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Tricks with stupid names.


Dolphin flip


Hospital Flip


Disco Flip


Feel free to expand.



That so called "dolphin flip", he's just doing a varial flip.


That so called "hospital flip" is a casper flip.


And that so called "disco flip" is just a healflip body varial. They used to be called healflip switchstance back before skating switch came along and made that name confusing.


Youtube is confusing the youth. Any hick kid can just make up his own name for an already existing trick and next thing you know you got 12 year olds all over the world calling shit the wrong name.

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God, I hated that era of moon-boot shoes.


i bought a truckload of these for you in every colour combo possible

theyre on their way :)






Them shits were the worst. I couldn't even skate in "skate shoes" back then, I had to go back to skating in Pumas.


i can easily see why you would hate these

theyre still not nearly as impractical as these though



the paper-thin fabric also works as gauze for when your toenails fall right off

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