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The Skateboard Thread

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First time fucking with Clear Griptape. Slapped it on my summer cruiser a couple weeks ago.    Eric Koston Numbers Edition 8.5 x 32 Supreme INDY 149's w/ BONES HARD Bushings 1/8in

holy popsicle stick.     Over the weekend a friend gave me a VX for free. Yerrrrrr, dual wielding! 

It is bad form and looks terrible. You should keep your front foot planted on your board for a solid foundation while pushing.   Think about the movement of pushing with your front foot and

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Shit looks propper. The only thing that worries me is the thought of 15 year old idiots rocking spandex jeans and Rod Stewart hairdos!!!AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heated: :heated: :heated: :heated:

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This park is my luchbreak skating. Such a dope park !!! Etnies or Sole-tech offices directly behind it the white office building, they put up mad money to get this going. And keep giving money so there is no charge to get in.





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Good news for all you Chitown sk8ers (k3w11) the city is supposed to build a skate plaza type deely south of grant park.


if only they hadnt eliminated every dope spot downtown. and i heard once the plaza is up everyone skating downtown will be ticketed.


Chicago is a police state.

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Guest im not witty

its not a skatepark without tranny. skate plaza looks butter. ...

but i give it the thumbs down. i know ol dyrdek is going for the whole street thing, but shit, toss a quater pipe or two in there. some shit.

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I grew up a street kid for sure !!!! In my old age i tend to like the flow of pools or ramp way better, but i will keep the street up too.

so FUCK picking one and talking shit on the other.... do both !!!

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