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- top pop


- tropical fantasy soda


- big juicys


- 25 cent juices


- laffy taffys


- now 'n laters


- banjo ice creams


- dipsy doodles


- rap snacks


- cheese doodles in the blue bag


- all those little debbie snacks


- beef patties and cocoa bread


- cornerstore french fries everybody said had worms in them


- hamburger/fries or 3 piece chicken/fries for 2.25


- bootlegs at the barbershop


- getting bootleg clothes and punching a nigga in the face when he calls you out


- stealing bikes, and everyone stealing the same bike at one point


- arab chicken and pizza spots


- hustlin niggas hooking you up when you're broke and the ice cream trucks come around


- the cliche goot tv on top of broken tv


- paper plate dustpans


- getting head during study hall in junior high


- tackle football in the street


- trying to fuck your boy's older sister


- selling bullshit to fiends (soap, sheetrock, stale bread crumbs, fishtank rocks + anbesol)


- selling bullshit to weed heads (a dime or dub consisting of half a nick and whatever is lying around)


-"yo, gimme the money, wait here, i'ma go get the shit from behind the house, i'll be right back"


- ditching cabs


-when it's crunch time, finding out who's really your people...

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- 25 cent juices

- harolds chicken shack

- loose squares for sale (Newport only)

- Mr. Dvd (dvds for sale, 5 dollars, he carries a portable dvd player so you can watch them. Great quality. Good selection.

- liquor stores that sell me booze and cigarettes.

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My hoods not really the ghetto, but it used to be.


Im thankfull for the fools hitting that crackhead hotel every time it gets buffed.


Im thankfull the people I have met smoking crack on my doorstep have always been civil.


Im thankfull I have been one beligerent white boy drunk as fuck talking crazy shit and still have not got my ass kicked.

I did get pocket checked and was thankfull I got most of my money back, my walet and id back, my cellphone back, and a decent sack of dank chronic.


Im thankfull that I live in a nice neighborhood. I don't really even live in the hood, hood shit still happens though.


2 buck fortys and 2 buck slices open till two.

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-stripped rides sitting there for weeks


-crackhead drama


-post-it notes that snitch


-waiting for jerk pork in 39 degrees Celsius store


-the old Jamaican swearing up and down that Irish Moss is better than Viagra


-kids running. They're always running from something.


-purse snatching


A lot of the stuff is covered already, and I'm dead tired. :confused2:

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-Sideshows..East Oakland..

-Fuked up Scrapers (Buicks) with $3000 dollar rims..Beat and 5 TVs..

-Burrito Trucks every corner..

- The Projects..

- $1 Stores..You find all kind of shit there..

- Youngstas pushin a stroller, Pregnant and 1 kid on the side..

- Oakland Public Schools, period..

- Buyin a brand new Vacuum at 1 in the morning..

- Stealing PitBull Puppys..

- Arabian Store Owners, with spanish signs "Los Dos Hermanos" (The two Brothers)

- Catchin the back streets cause tags are Expired..



-10 Cent Sunflower seeds after school (Elementary)

-Turnin on the Stove and Closing all doors and windows to heat up the house..

-Buying Pull out stereos at 2 in the morning..

- Buying bikes at 2 in the Morning..

- If you are under 10 and registered at Burger King, you get a free Kids Meal on your Bithday...Well going to all the Burger Kings in your town to get free Meals..

-2 Stripe Adidas (Payless)

- Fake Target Pumps (Reeboks)

-Riding bikes on just the rim, no tires..

- Boys N Girls Club all day boy playin Pool..(Mothefuka can barely read but would pocket 6 balls in a row)

- Shoulder Fighting..


Aahhh I could go on..Living in the ghetto is actually fun..We didnt have all the toys so we would make up games n shit..Or find whatever to play with..Damn..old shit....Good Thread..

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-ripped up slip and slide at the bbq.


-little kids with bruises on their faces. always with the bruises.


*shit, i forgot that this thread is what people should be thankful for. I've been just putting down observations.

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- 80cent student trainfares (sometimes, sneaking on for free ducking the guards because theres nowhere to get change.


-Sneaking into movies.


-Using coupons


-Using $2.00 el cheapo paint for your fills


-showing student cards EVERYWHERE possible for available discounts.


Funny thing is, all those things mentioned above still happen today.


-Forging the re-entry stamp for expensive concerts.

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- OMGWTFBBQ in the neutral ground (grassy median)


- buying single cigarettes


- the crazy crackhead woman under the interstate who wore the same ripped up bra and shorts for over two weeks.


- krispy krunch breakfasts


- the magnoila clap


- the crazy old drunk (or passed out) man in every single new orleans bar


- Q 93's 9 O'clock props (crappy freestyle radio segment where people call up and battle): "hey, you, what's ya naaaame? ya on the radio wicha boy wild wayyyyne" "9aclock props is on, tell me where you callin from"


- spinner hubcaps on a beat up tercel


- wall murels under i-10


- being followed down canal blvd. by a bunch of guys holding tree limbs. (not me, but a friend)

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-smokers always $2 dollars short, but you let em go cause he gon be back, with friends


-jitts in high school wit stacks


-honeydrippers! 50 cents yeaaaa


-ice cream man got bang and sells hot dogs and cigars


-hallway cuts


-candy paint


-smokin js on steps late night 10 deep in the projects


-a nigga with a self employed cab business (uh huh!)


-flea market, koreans runnin shit


-after hours clubs, no respectable, honest nigga or hoe be out at this time of night, that's what it do


-pullin hoes at gas stations, just because they like your car


-big ass rims




-girls doin hair out they house


-niggas with 3 phones


-girls with golds that hustle harder than you


-fucked up ass streets, cracks and holes everywhere


-train tracks! cross em and its on nigga


-beefin with a nigga since grade school


-limo tint


-black on black fits to creep in


-waiting to clap nigga, hidin under his house


-niggas in fucked up apartments, havin cameras


-hoes with no kids, hoes with 5 kids


-baby daddy drama


-your baby momma whole family aint feelin you and you dont give a fuck


-buyin food stamps (on cards now!), from hoes for half off to support they toot habit


-smokin woos late night in a lexus


-real niggas

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That shit's so goddamn true. And somehow it's always comes at the most unneccessary times. Seriously, like you'll be at Taco Bell and they'll hand you your sludge and come with the obligatory follow-up:


'Any sauce with that?'

'Yeah, how about some green sauce?'

'Dah, hahah, What? Bean sauce?'

'No, GREEN sauce. It's like chili shit...'

'Oh, damn... little whiteboy. You're a funny one! Do you know where you're at?!'

'Fuckin'..... Taco Bell?'

'Taha, you got jokes! This is South West [insert city/neighborhood].. things don't go like that here!'

'Oh, my bad.. I thought this Taco Bell was some sort of Spanish Embassy... damn, I'm a big fucking idiot. Gimme the mild sauce...'

'Alright now.. you have a good day, sweetheart!'


You can't get mad at them though because they're so damn cheerful the entire time. There's nothing more inspiring than an 350lb black woman having the time of her life dicking with whiteboys while working at Taco Bell.

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-down the leg


-groups of 15-20 spanish papi's who go out of their way to bless the ground you walk on.


-75 cents for a bagel w/ cream cheese & tomato


-50 cent loosies.


-tens of haze.


-nickel sized dimes of black weed.


-transvestite prostitutes who work for crack.




-liquor stores & pawn shops.


-big body cars riding on stock wheels with no hubcaps.


-copping trees from the ice cream man.


-gang graffiti (if thats the only shit you see, you know the area is extra hood)

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Originally posted by dr.testical@May 4 2005, 11:41 AM

whiteboys like myself getting the phrase " oh white boy trippin, you know where you at" from obeise black women in the early morning hours on the weekday/weekends


wahahahah! yes!


i bought an elementary school t-shirt at a flea market in new orleans that said "martin berhman bees".. i didn't know what school it was.


i was in subway ordering a sammich during a mardi gras parade and the lady behind the counter said


"say gurl, you went to berhman?"

"uhm, no"



she then left the counter to go pussy pop to a marching band.


it was classic.


it was funny.

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-Heroin (See above)




-Saying 'Yaknowwhorrameyan?"


-Social welfare


-Calling people 'Bud' who are not our bud


-Shortening words and adding the letter 'o' (Anto, Decco, Corpo)


-Calling people 'Boss' who are not our boss


-Fireworks every night for the entire month preceeding Halloween


-Saying "I didn't bleedin' do tha'!"


-Travelling in packs


-Swearing at our babies


-Giving our kids Monster Munch for breakfast on the bus


-Saying, "That's not my bleedin' job!"


-Saying "He didn't do nothin'!" when he clearly did do something


-Picking up unfinished cigarettes dropped on the street by someone

else just after coming out of a medical centre


-Not payin' the bus fare


-Always following the word 'rich' with the word 'wanker'


-Pulling our hoodies over our heads as we're led away from

the Four Courts


-Being an authority on everything






-Not readin' bukes

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