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Families and all their little fat kids that go to the beach with no towels and no bathing suits. (I've seen families dry off with paper towels and they didn't bring a damn thing to eat. Felt bad for those kids). All the poor fat kids jump in with their all their clothes on, while the white kids are super prepared with their sunblock, beach towels, visors, coolers, surf boards, umbrellas, sandwiches, snacks, etc.


Crackheads trying to sell you a set of CDs they stole from someone's car.


Doing your family's grocery shopping at the liquor store.


Mothers that teach their kids how to rack shoes for back to school. "Leave 1 shoe in each of the boxes, and walk out with the other pair..."


People that walk out of their house wearing these...



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headin to fitzhugh market to play metal slug and marvel vs capcom, maybe even play cruisin usa, if the machine works.

doodling the local gangbangers that went in that store to play or rack shit.

buying flamin hot cheetos and drizziling ghel's nacho cheese in the bag and rackin a big red, maybe a arizona green tea and some little debbie star crunch or oatmeal cream pies,maybe even double stuffed.haha!!

witnessing the thugs walkin in there and rackin' bout 2 or 3 bottles sta-flo to keep their jeans extra pressed and creased for school n shit.lol!!

drivin around at 14 years old,smokin wit yo boys yellin' some dumb shit to people walkin 'round, just to fuck wit em.

going to the movies wit some hoes n some of yer homies,and havin' one of them fools open the exit doors to sneak another five people in n shit.lmao!!!

going to fitzhugh market to play metal slug and run into the paleta man while this fool is playin it n shit.

rackin candy from the paleta man with his lil cart.

playin kickball at the apartment complex and hittin a window and breakin that shit and dippin out!!

sneaking in to r rated movies and getting caught once in a while.

waiting for someone to leave a refillable popcorn bucket at the movies to snatch it and get you some free popcorn,if yer lucky maybe even the refillable drink cup.haha


goin to target and rackin laser pointers and random shit.

livin in an apartment in east dallas and waking up to an old mexican lady yellin'"TAMALEEESSSS!!!!"

going to fiesta supermarket and after you park yer ride, theres mexican people parked in the lot hustlin tamales and burritos and bootleg cd's.

mexicans going on the front lawn of their apartments after a long day of construction working and breakin out the ghetto blaster and sippin on a 24 pack of tecate.

buying tacos burritos and porn flicks at the corner store.

witnessing a man on a wheel chair with a floosie on his lap holdin their liquor.

a bum in the basement restroom at my community college washin his pecker.

random people having sex in the restrooms at my community college.

the paisas bum rushin to hop in a truck to maybe work for the day.

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random kids under the age of 10 out past midnight in the worst part of town.

crackheads tweaking out on dust and dancing in the middle of the crosswalk at a red light.

random rednecks trying to score meth in the ghetto.

crack dealers walking towards trying to sell you rock. and nearly hitting them at 20 mph while driving.

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