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palm springs-So. Cal

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demolitia, im glad u went and deleted your account on the other forum u lil' prick. but next time dont go talking loud on the net and then hide behind your age when u get stepped to. you and your crus shit is toy as fuck. and if imdead has something to say then he can get at me and the cru whenever. net banging is for pussies but if yall want to step, we aint goin nowhere.


p.s- fuck u and anyone else whos got my name in there mouths



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how you gonna catch me slippin' when you don't go out? :clown2: shouldn't you be taking care of your kid or something...? :yuck:


and the what the fuck are you gonna do anyways? you are gonna fight someone cause they said you dont get out...which is true...ohh boo hoo...whiny ass bitch

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Originally posted by icanthelpit@Nov 7 2005, 01:22 PM

u wanna bring family into this? then fuck graff. its personal. your ass wont be hard to find.


and bringing family into this? i'm just stating that you have other shit to be worrying about...other than some painting bullshit...

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