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nobody's made a 4-20 thread?


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Guest fr8lover

ugh. some loser came to our door and accosted my roommate about buying magazine subscriptions. he asked us if we were "420 friendly," and i wanted to kick him out immediately. i can't stand people like that.

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4 20 BRO, SMOKE A BONG! HA! LETs get RIPPED NIGGGGGAS! Fuck ya Weed! marijuana! Ya pot! Ya my personality is linked to pot!


It's a good day for aging hipsters and highschoolers alike to come together and accept the fact that they are represented in mainstream America by obese girls in Korn t-shirt and the Kottonmouth Kings. It's sad really.

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420 is ovverrated.I mean when your a youngin and youy just started smokin pot.Its cool.Then again all holidays when your young are cool. But when you get older its lame.Its just another day.Its cool to have all the young niggas from the neighborhood smoking there brains out.Ill just got smoke all there blunts

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Originally posted by fr8lover@Apr 20 2005, 01:21 PM

he asked us if we were "420 friendly,"


ha ha, This would be the point were I kick dude in the chest knocking him to the ground,

As I place my foot upon his throat, with a blank expression starring into his eyes I'd calmy

say "nigguh, I konw you aint the police now". He'd freak out for a couple minutes, but then

I'd release him and invite him in for a double bubblah of white widow. I'd leave the room

and seconds later come charging in welding a knife chasing him off my property.




I have a bad feeling something Evil may happen today.

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one of my students thought they were pretty sly today;


Mr Lox what motn is it?


is that the forth month?


Mr lox whats the date today

the 20th

So mr Lox is the 4th month and the 20th day

yes.......................................................... I get it. ha.














420 is the stupidest thing ever. Only idiots rejoice. The rest of know 4:19 or 4:22 is jsut as godd.



720 now that s phrase im ready to bring back

"that key; dude went all 720 at 420, shit was plantanos"

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I stopped smoking weed days ago. Couldn't deal with the anxiety and paranoia.


I've busied myself today telling all the hippies and potheads they're basically celebrating Hitlers birthday.


I'm enjoying 420 with a stiff cocktail later.

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