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My girlfriend just got one of these super complicated machines and i cant make any sense of this shit. You all know im not mr. Technology or no shit so please help me out. All I really need to know is how do i download music and or videos to this shit.


Thank you for your help in advance. Post haste.


I think that this :mad2: and this :burn: describe what i am feeling best.


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The battery life on these things suck. It says like 5 hours, but the owner of sony jsut came clean and said if ur running an intensive game instead of a puzzle game and you use the speakers instead of the headphones and you use a bright screen instead of a dark screen then you can expect about 2 hours of game time. They said they are trying to fix this for the next version. As much as I want one of these things NOW it's best to wait for the next one i think.

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Playstation Portable.

Pretty cool, one f my co workers was telling me about one he saw in Holland last week, he said the screen was amazing, they watched spiderman on it.

Probably plugged in tho, I saw two guys on the news being interviewed, one from sony and the other from nintendo. When the presenter asked about bettery life the nintendo guy started laughing, and the psp guy had to explain that it was 'not it's strongest point'. So I am going to hold out till they fix up.

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Over the past few years some of my friends become full-blown game nerds and it's starting to piss me off. Instead of going out and trying to meet girls when they're not at work they sit inside, play video games, and whine about how 'nothing's good enough' for them 'these days'.


I'm slowly starting to hate video games. Except Tekken.

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