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are my pics not posting because theyre on flickr?

- You have to get the IMAGE CODE and paste it into your post for each flick...PHOTOBUCKET makes it pretty easy to get multiple image codes at once..


http://www.12ozprophet.com/news/the_bench-season-3-episode-3 - CHECK OUT THIS FRESHLY UPLOADED BENCHING VIDEO WITH SOME LOCAL FLAVAH @ 3:32..



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It's sad man. I remember when kids like balance and cecs were posting Shit all the time. Whatever happened to the young'ns who were hungry not only to paint but to catch flicks as well. Half the work that gets done on the street now a days doesn't even get posted. I will say, I'm out there every day at the spots in town and I see what's being done. It may be small but some kids are out there still using paint, which is nice to see.

I have seen new hands by Link, Plato, Tears, OJ3, Blame, Dazr, Ideal, Bro, Epser, Cevs, Rich and a few others. That makes me happy, but I miss seeing rooftops, and fill-ins. Catching handstyles is integral, but seriousely... BLAME could have done 20 fill-ins with the amount of paint he has used on handstyles. I have respect for the amount of hands he has running but again, where is the risk? Where is the work? But most of all where are the letters?

I like seeing that OJ3 and DAZR are going out. It makes people like me feel some inner joy when new cats have hunger and want to prove to the rest of us that they are not scared of being out late, freezing their nuts off , and possibly getting thrown in the back of a squad car just so they can have fun and be seen. I guess it all boils down to, I wish things were a little better in the scene right now. Freights are thriving, but downtown and surrounding areas are pretty barren.

I'm sorry, I'm done with my rant.

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No offense man, I respect your work.. but you gotta be crazy if you're gonna give any love to those kids IDEAL, BRO, DAZR.. etc.. cause their tags are straight garbage and have no style at all, I don't care how many they do.. BLAME's hands have style for daaaayyys and he's getting up so why would you go telling him how to use his paint?.. In case you haven't noticed Portland is real hot right now and they are buffing with a passion, that's why there's nothing going on besides tagging and toy shit.. You don't just "get thrown in the back of the squad car" man, you get mad fines and/or jail time which sucks in my opinion but if they wanna try their luck much respect to em.. I remember someone saying "Let your paint do the talking" haha..

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