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Some old skools in there. Oh an btw OJAY you might want to drop that name seeing how there is already an ojay that happens to rock XTC. maybe you should research that.. wish these kid put a little m

Hahahaha.. So Wait Then, I Guess That Learn, Rich, Turdle, Tears, Hiar, Lack, Daz, OJ And A Few Others In Town Should Change Their Names Too Then Right? Since There Are Writers Out There That Have Wri

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Hey, maybe i'm just overly paranoid, but don't you think that we should start a Maine thread in Metalheads or something in order to kinda make this shit a little more anonymous?

Idunno... just dont wanna see anyone catch heat or anything like that..



I feel like anyone on here looking for shit knows how the site works and would check both forums. especially if they're from the RR, they'll get what metalheds means.. just an opinion though! I see where ur coming from, not sure how to make it less sketch.

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I think that a Vacationland Bench thread in metal heads would be nice. I'd contribute, Happyvegan may, and it would give the people who actually bench freights a place to put stuff that' not from around here. The only problem i forsee is a the same pieces getting reposted.

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Yo MF, not sure what's under the ICHOR... i'll peep my flicks again, try and figure it out. Great example of fully covering the spot.


I wont disclose no names, but i found some wack shit on that line, some young bloods that did some really stupid shit and should know better. You know who you are, think hard about it, it might have been a little while ago, I'll give the benefit of the doubt that you've learned a few lessons since then and you shouldn't have gone over anyone in the first place, but... if you're gana go over some one (hope its for a damn good reason)... you better cover them completely, go huge, cloud that shit, and it better be cleaner and have better letters then the one beneath.

People are gana see what you produce, out in the street and trackside. So aside from internet bullshit, thats all they have to go by.


On a lighter note... not like I haven't already typed more then I care to on this thing...

That MECRO is hot all around, lovin the color choice and the cracks.

The HINDUE is dope as well.

Also cool to find the old HAUNT, JURNE and the LEARN & LACK.

ICH always crushin. ONIKS & RAKET on the prowl, and I've gata give props to that COOL, so old and funky lookin.

And I think we can all learn a thing or two from those MA cats with the freshest hand styles in the area.


I'm spent-

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