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So after dwelling on it long and hard, i decided I need to buy an I-POD mini but considering the hefty price tag, I need to know the specifics of what i need to look for when buying one so i can get the most for my money.


I am under the impression that not all I-POD minis are created equal with all this crazy talk of "next generation" and gigabytes and tech jargon out the ass i keep hearing from sellers on the net, etc....


clue me in....thanks

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if you just buy a different brand of mp3 player, youll save considerable money and get more features. like ten times as much battery time and a better size with the same memory for like 20 bucks less.


i watched a tv review on all the brands.


basically, for the price of a regular i pod or whatever. ..you can get one with more memory that has a color screen you upload flicks for a sideshow on. better battery life and prolly like twenty bones less.

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Ipod mini's are nice, but if you've got a shit load of music on file..you won't be able to upload more than 2 gigs. I'm sitting on 10 gigs of music now.


Itunes is 99 cents per song or about 12$ per album. You can upload mp3s into the ipod with ease. You can also unlock you ipod and share your music with another person that has music on their computer


I guess I'm a pirate at heart

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If you're gonna get an Ipod, might as well spend the extra dough and go with a 20 Gig. The mini is a kind of a rip off.


A friend of mine has a 30 or 40 GB iRiver, and he can record live music using a microphone, and it sounds just like a mini disk recording (which is pretty damn excellent) without the hassle of minidiscs.


If I could go back in time, I would have gone with an iRiver because of that recording feature. The iPod has one but it's for lectures/voice recording. Anything loud gets all distorted like you were using a tape recorder, at least that's what I've heard. But I can't complain about the iPod, except I would love to compare battery life between the two.

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a friend of mine works at the guitar center out here and they hooked me up with my 20 gig w/all the bells and whistles (dock, case, headphones, wires, etc) for 299 AFTER tax. they normally sell for 299 + tax. i saved about 20-30 bucks.


you can get a mini (4 gigs) at somewhere like best buy for 199+ tax. that's without the case, dock, etc.


if you're looking to save money, i'd definetly suggest the ipod shuffle. it has 1 gig of space (240 songs) and is really small/convienient.



i love my ipod.



edit: i said the exact same thing as kaes, more or less.

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Originally posted by STYLEISKING@Apr 14 2005, 03:40 PM

buy it from the states,cause the value on dollars is low right now!

my 20 g ipod are dope,but it kills me when the battery goes day after just laying around one day,which means you always have to recharge before you go out!!!that sucks big time....anyone has that problem too?


apple uses lithium ion batteries which are kinda wierd...

you can read more about it here:




tips on preserving ipod battery


which reminds me......... i need to plug mine in.

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I have a 15g ipod (smaller 2nd version ipod) and have had it for a little over a year and a half i believe. I fucking love this thing. I don't need a cd player.. i bought the fm tuner so now i play it in my car or friends or even at a party.. personal dj.. also.. at my college they let us listen to music while you take tests... if you werent aware, ipods contains a notes section which is compadible with notepad(windows). Just type up your study guide or what not.. connect through firewire or usb... update it with your new notepad file.. and thats it. you turn your ipod on and go to the notes section and you got all your answers right there... you can even buy the voice recorder and record audio of the study guide/answers.


IPOD 4 LIFE. :haha:

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