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peace, yo mad careful when hookin info on this thread, my lil nigga emey, just got done doing bout 20days deep due to LEO having info supplied by thru this thread, u know shit like "wheres emey from? answer: he's from blah blah but now lives in blah blah??? u know stupid shit like that and of course runnin photoblogs on CARE2 labeled japanesegraffiti??? one of the most popular bombers out this bitch just got bit due to cyber intel...if ya steppin thru, shit done change, guard ya grill , if ya ain't new 2 dis, keep ya fuckin suck close!!



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Population of Kyoto 1.5million

dozens of pictures of graffiti on a photoblog

= someone getting caught for graffiti??


yeah right the j police are getting information from 12oz

i see nothing has changed. you're still full of shit.


im sure leaving a mobile phone at a wall has nothing to do with it

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folks despite me being full of shit, u can count the number of times i post in here, LEO is watching this thread, it's been spit at me more than once, especially since no one on the force speaks english! oh yeah they don't have a newly formed vandal squad here in o-town either, made up of youngun's playin the role. my bad for bein full of shit!!!..please come and do u!!!



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i just spent a month in japan. spent most of my time in osaka... the city with the best graffiti in japan. here are a couple pics i took:







check the stickers






SANTA is up everywhere, it's insane... the dude is on every block at least a couple times. RBH and VERY are also up. Spotted SECT throughout all of japan.


there is a 'hip hop' store in america mura right below chopstick tattoo that has a lot of nice japanese graff mags.

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Michita / "TWO"


01. White Coat feat.haiiro

02. ソラニシラレヌ feat.Meiso

03. それでもあなたの道を行け feat.MOUTHPEACE

04. Allegro feat.haiiro

05. 雨の根 feat.Hisomi-TNP,Meiso

06. Wzup!!!! feat.KSK

07. 夏春 feat.Ni-YANG

08. Blue Works feat.haiiro,椿あぽりあ

09. 頭” feat.あるぱちかぶと

10. Memories feat.Hisomi-TNP,Ni-YANG,Shinya Cunel

11. Walking in The Rain feat.ELIAS

12. 足跡 feat.Project Sage,豊川容子

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