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0m6 l33t!! s0 k3wlZZzz@@@@


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Li3k lo0K a7 H0w MaNY P05tZ i Haev@!!!#@!#@@@


1337 lolz omg pwned.



---thats not funny swif---



make it happen.. do as your name states. and make it happen. you are the FL4V0R M4NG F0R My L33T THR34DZZZA@!@


fermentor666: good cs'ing with you tonight.


sugar: dont bother replying or quoting in my threads.

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Originally posted by symbols@Apr 6 2005, 07:23 PM

god just go away

one of those weak motherfuckers who thinks they're the shit

your nasty breath stinks


.waste of time.


well missy.

1. i dont know why theres hatred coming from you towards me.

2. i hear you are just an ugly girl.

3. i am the shit.

4. coffee and cigarettes do tend to make ones breath smell bad.

5. weak? i think not.

6. if you dislike me that much, that you had to type all that out.. i mean you do realize there is an ignore button?

7. go get lynched.

8. hahaha.

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