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whats the best term for a vagina???


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Originally posted by Pfffffffffft@Apr 8 2005, 04:44 PM

"santa maria"


lemme guess, your nicknames for titties are the Nina and the Pinta?


a few of my favorites:


pink sock


the bean (as in, I'ma go home and flick the bean a bit)

Anna Nicole

Ms. Cleaver (as in, hey baby, you wanna meat Ms. Cleaver?)

crotch socket

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In all truth and honesty, I call it a vagina. When my girlfriend (err... ex girlfriend) asks me what I'm thinking about, and that is what I am thinking about, I let her know that I'm thinking about her vagina. Not her pussy. Not her meat flaps ( :yuck: ) etc etc.



Same with when we are talking "dirty" before the actual act. We don't use cock, dick, pussy, cunt etc etc. We say penis. Vagina. Boobs. Nipples. etc.




It actually turns me on more to use these words.

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I've been refering to it as the the Pooh-Don-Twan lately..The rest of these names are horrid and I woul hate to think of a fine girls poohdontwan and a meat market or whatever the fuck you assholes called it..



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my ex called it "coocha"


i dont believe im disclosing this but it got named penelope.


she had a really pretty coochie. minimal lip action, big clit, and nice and compact. nice and tight to with an incredible booty. like two perfectly shaped ass cheeks that had great form and felt so good against you.


anyway...now i feel dirty and perverted sharing this with you.


and yeah, it was good for breakfast lunch and dinner.

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