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Hello Everybody,

You old pal Keyster here, just back from Sunny Antigua.

Here's a few flicks... I took well over a hundred so I'm just

going to give a sample. I spent a week living on a sail boat

crusing around A beautiful tropical island, and sleeping in a hammock.

So here's the flicks:



The boat I was on is not pictured above. It was a Beneateau 42.

This is in Falmouth Harbour where the big boats play.



I have flipflops... but they were rarely worn.



This is how I had to make a run for cigarettes. We never ran out of rum and heinikens.



Sunsets... could they be anymore organge? (say it in a Comic Book Guy Voice)



I took this pic the first morning knowing that I'd be back. Yaaarrrgggghhhh.



I slept in a hammock on deck every night. Please believe this was an EXTREME HAMMOCK

because the winds would get all crazy and I had to use rope to tie myself in to the thing.

I got woken up by a dolphin one night who couldnt keep his blowhole shut.

(no undertones.... I'm talking about a dolphin here)



Lounging at the airport before heading home.

Here's a tip.... you might think the Kosher meal is a way to get better airplane food,

but really It just makes you crazy gassy, and that's not good on a plane.


ps... mamerro.... I think I understand you a lot more now.

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it was fun.

plus the people we stayed with are loaded,

so it was nothing to drop a grand on a single meal.

I had a CASE of champagne to go though over the week.

The only thing I had to buy myself were my smokes and

the woman we stayed with mooched them off me constantly.

It was like retirement.... plus I saw a killer whale.

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

Fucking sickness, man. Damn glad you got to lounge like that... extreme hammocking for a week, that's insane! I want a nice little week to myself also.


You saw a killer whale?? I've encountered dolphins and giant mantas, but a killer whale?

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I didn't meet any tropical ladies.

I was down there with my roomate on her parents yacht,

so even if I did try to meet ladies (and I'm always trying)

I could be sabotaged right from the start. Certainly I know

where to look next time I'm down there.

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yeah mamski.. a kiler whale. The skipper jumped up and yelled

'what the hell is that' thinking we were about to land on a sandbar

but this giant black shape witha white bottom wolled over and it

was only like 15 feet from out boat. Then it slew water like 10 feet

in the air and did came up to the surface and I saw the flipper and

the tail in the air. If it wasn't a killer whale, I need to watch Free Willy.


Plus some stingrays jumping up and getting good air.

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some more shots....



This Bar is in Engligh Harbour right next to where Lord Admiral Nelson lived.



Looking out of the powder house at Fort Berkley, English Harbour.






"get up you lazy bum!"

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temp was great. Not too cold at night and there was always a good

breeze. It wasn't humid but you could feel the ocean in the air.

I would sleep outside in the hammock every night and with a few

towels thrown in to keep me warm, it was quite nice. And sunny every day.

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the VP of the company tells me he hates me when I take a trip.


Mardi Gras? Damn you, I want to go to Mardi Gras

Roadtrip with a lingerie model? Fuck.. why's that never happen to me?

Club Med in Cancun? Really.... you can just stop telling me these things.

Winter Music Conference? Fuck you man, you trying to make me fire you?


Today he told me he wouldn't talk to me because I was 'too tanned.'

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Guest imported_Tesseract

Damn bro, looks like great times...i really miss summer but it starts to smell like it. PMB YOUR ASS IS MINE

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