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mansfield fulla bitches all the realpainters stay true no bitching it duin outlines 4 star mansfield fulla maggotts talking shite trust ya all get dun ova n ya no it got beef cum cross one out ya batterd n ya no it tick ya bitch n star ya bitch do illegal and get gone over byme and the boys u not at fix up mans less chat more illegalyou magotts !

roll with klover or get rolled over you maggotttttssssssss!

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whats happening to everyone??? Seems like heavy drug use has twisted alot of mansfields writers into thinking there hte number one.

Seems gay me saying this but it needs to be saud; wouldnt it be better if everyone hooked up, puttin all the beef and bullshit behind and puttin mansfield on the map like it used to be and smash the fuck out of everythinf LEGAL AND ILLEGAL.


People tend to think that i dont do illegal, i havnt been as i want to get back on the rails before i start planting things around again.


i cant see ontheruns problem, hes the one who got me into illegal graffiti, he tought me the ins and outs and without him were would i be? nowere, mass respect to him.


i tink we should just take time to think about what were doing and how stupid were making this town look. alot can be done lads!!



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you people make me laugh.


coming across all hardcore and shit, when really the only real link you have to being writers is the fact that you're bitching each other out on a writers forum.


i am by no means up ticks arse, and i don't think that many people are anyway, but he deserves more respect than most of you chumps because whether illegal or not, at least he paints.


the way things stand right now i wouldn't waste my piss in your towns ass if it were on fire. you should be able to be proud of where you come from. i've moved away from my hometown of nottingham now and where i'm at, there is no legal walls, no other writers i know to paint with, no "chill spots" to spend time getting stuff done nicely. just an insanely over hateful opinion of graffiti from the general public and increased police anti-graffiti camaigns.


stop your bitching. you have no excuses.


sort it out mansfield.

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