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Need help naming my new Kitten...


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Top Posters In This Topic

i like naming cats after art supplies






graffiti is what im going to name my cat.


etchbath would be a cool cat name.


the last cat i had me and my ex and her niece found under a car.

so at first shit was called somthing ridiculous like princess meow beamer krylon 5 ball.


however the ex came up with the name chi, as in energy and my ex liked to make up words so a bonger got added.


chibonger was a cool cat. she played fetch and could leap over the couch while playing fetch. till me and my ex split and she made the cat fat.


that cat liked me better. whenever i would visit my ex and stay over the cat would fuck her up...no joke, like huge scratches. good kitty.

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and on a side note about naming your cat doja, its not like your naming your cat meth or crack or heroin. allthough now that i think about it heroin sounds like a cool name for a cat.


i named my first cat indica, and she to was stolen from my life by my parents who call the cat indy. and im sure to remind them every time i visit that the cats name is indica after the cannabis plant. that cats a bitch though. they found this other cat and hes a cool cat...big orange striped tabby right, named mellow, and he and the other cat hella scream and chase eachother around the house. indica is a bitch though. she will straight growl at you and do her best to make her fat ass draw blood. dont ever think fat cats are that slow. see, the cat was named indica for reason...she had been smoking weed since near birth. what happens when you take cats away from maltliqour? they get fat and will fuck you up.


i feel super emo after getting in depth on my cat ownership.


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oh yeah, other cool cat name was a all black kitten with one white sock named yogurt. yogurt was a cool cat. spahgetti gets honorable mention to. but the psycho stripper bitch, who last i heard got a sex change and started riding harleys, abandoned spaygetti cause she was mean. damn psycho stripper sex change having harley riding cat abonding fuckers....

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