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ehh. basic credit cards ill agree with you.. but rewards are different. i mean im flying to cleveland round trip for buying shit that i would have bought any way, as long as you dont make minimum payments you're fine. the smallest payment ive ever made was $250.

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...credit cards are a crazy industry..they charge retailers everytime they accept one of their cards...then they charge you for not paying on time...it's all profit...and now that they've made it damn near impossible for an individual to declare bankrupcy...they've got you by the balls for life...i don't ever use mine...it's an emergency thing and that's it...

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I have a Debit/Checking card for Sovereign. No credit cards yet but I've been meaning to try and get one so I can establish a line of credit.


Also in my wallet:


Driver's Liscense

Card to barber shop with about 3 more haircuts until a free one

Two different library cards

AAA card

AAA Bail Bond card for 5,000 dollars that came with my AAA membership

VIP card for the comic store I shop at

Another card for barbar shop that I didn't know about until just now, apparently I have a free cut coming to me

Starbucks card I got for my birthday, even though I barely ever go there

A NYC Metro card with like 2 bucks on it from 2 or 3 years ago

Medical Insurance card and a hospital card from a few years ago.


Wow that was boring.

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Guest sneak

in my wallet:

1xdrivers license (provisional)

1x student account bank card. £500 overdrsft limit. no interest on it.

1x old college id card. no idea why i still have it.

1x free dominoes pizza coupon. expired.

1x national insurance card

1x libary card

3x student things i never use.


and £10. which is nice.

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1:7 day transit pass

4: cta passes with a amounts of 25¢-$1.25

1:AAA Chicago Motor club card (gold)

1:Blockbuster card

1:State id

1:expired Discover card

1:Fitness Club card

1:Attorney's card

1:AIGA members card (represent)

1:libary card

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I ont have a wallet, i hate credit cards so i rarely carry them shits around and the most cash ill carry on me if i have no plans on buying shit is like maybe 20$. I got into that habit after i was extremely broke in my younger years and i guess it carried on.

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1. capital one visa

2. discover

3. national city checking card

4. AAA Michigan card

5. HAP card

6. blue cross blue shield card

7. blockbuster card

8. the sharper image gift card

9. blockbuster card in boyfriends name

10. Bally Total fitness card

11. boyfriend’s business card

12. drivers license

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