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job hatred


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so a lot of people hate to work (if you enjoy your work, might as well press the back button now).. that's a given.. but i was wondering how much ya'll hate your jobs?


me.. within an hour of leaving on friday, i'm already wincing at the fact that i have to come back on monday.. all day on sunday, i look at the clock thinking "only __ hours til i have to go back."

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I've felt that way at a lot of jobs. Especially when I was a car courier in this city that is outrageous to drive in.


And towards the very end of my 3+ year stint as a projectionist, even though I liked the job, I started to get almost panic attacks on the nights before I had to work 14 hours shifts (twice a week) running 6 movie screens on equipment that was built, in some cases, over 70 years ago..

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believe it or not..i've learned to love it.


it sounds corny, but if you go to work everyday with a bad attitude/outlook on your day, it's definitely gonna be shitty. I've been going in with a pretty positive attitude and just letting customer attitudes or employee tudes roll off my back.


now.. on the other hand, other jobs i've had, like circuit city, that shit sucked and i started gettin annoyed on the drive there..

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i have a love/hate relationship with my job...


when im out traveling its great...when i get back to the office i hate it and cant wait to go home and relax. it is what it is though...i have a nice car, a house, and i can spend money without having to stress about it. work is shitty but i cant get enough of the money.

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i have a love/hate relationship with my job.



1. - i get to tell people what to do.

2. - i have a 2 minute walk to get to work every morning.

3. - nice fat discount on stuff, including a 5 finger discount for anything pocketsized. i've got a fat collection of pocketknives,

4. - i know a lot of my customers, and a lot of them are great people.

5. - i've been there forever, so i've got hella job security.

6. - i get cheap store demo products/display shelves/etc.....(if anyone lives around kc and wants a krylon rack, gimme a holler. i've got one taking up space in my room)

7. - i'm the boss, which makes me feel like a big tough guy, even though i'm not at all.



1. - i'm the one who gets to calm down irate customers.

2. - i'm the one who gets to fill in when people call in sick.

3. - i get paid the same whether i work 40 hours a week or 60 hours a week.

4. - i have to deal with an asshole DM.

5. - i can't have a beard (asshole DM)

6. - i get to relay messages from the asshole DM to my employees, and they all have a tendency to shoot the messenger.

7. - all of the general bullshit that comes with being the boss.


so yeah, i could go either way. i never imagined myself working at a hardware store, but i guess this is where i ended up.


edit - whoa, that dude above me said the "love/hate" line too. creepy.

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Originally posted by MaKeItHaPpEn@Mar 28 2005, 04:02 AM

im currently unemployed,but the only job i enjoyed was bein a paper boy..i got high at 6 in the morning and walked around my neighborhood throwing up tags..



Dream job.





Other than doing the projectionist thing, which could be really frustrating but was still a good job, I can't think of a job that I had where the positives outweighed the negatives. I've been a:



Car courier

Camp counsler for 3-5 year olds

CVS photo tech

TV Delivery/stock boy

Warehouse worker for Newbury Comics (New England-based CD store chain)

Graphic designer for a suspected pedophile (as posted on the Ask a Gay Guy thread)

Stock boy/Retail worker for the local ivy league Barnes and Nobles-owned mega-clothing store


I guess the camp counsler job was ok, but after 4 summers in a row doing it, I got pretty sick of it. Right now I'm doing the job hunt and it's fucking hard without a college degree.

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Originally posted by Vanity@Mar 27 2005, 10:13 PM

on sunday, i look at the clock thinking "only __ hours til i have to go back."




i just fucking did that. im so bummed out right now......



fuck working

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i got a fuckin felony.. so i really had 2 great jobs working for 2 dope clothing companies... both of em shafetd me becuase im a slack motherfucker...and so after all the shit i went and got a normal job at a camera store and 2 months into the job background check comes up and seeya later alligator.. now i dj in shitty bars playin shitty music on the weekends... job isnt that bad but cant make a livin off of 3 days a week workin.... need more doe....

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Fuck...ever job has it's ups and down's

I never thought I'd say it, but I miss my old assit. manager job at kinko's. Sure I had to take the blame everytime a customers job wasn't finished on time, but hey. I still made the most of it, I got so much shit for free, it's fucking ridiculous... and beter yet in a college town with plenty of good looking design students and clueless sorority girls.


I have trouble keeping a positive attitude with my new job....

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i use to have a job like MakeItHappen. i worked for a pizza

place in town and i would go in at like 3pm, get some flyers,

go walk/drive around smoke, drink, do pills what ever and

put flyers in mail boxes. and i had 2 people i worked wit that

were good friends of mine. but i quit that job because i

needed more money. im about to get a job wit a lawn care

company. mihgt be cool to just sit on a mower and listen to

music. 12$ an hour... that is double what i use to get payed.

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i was like that at my last job.... slanging kids shoes at Nordstrom. worst job ever. i had to work weekends, my schedule was constantly changing... i hated everything when i was at work. i hated the customers, i hated my boss, i hated my life because i worked in a fucking department store selling kids shoes with a college degree... i was seriously filled with rage every time i was there. luckily, i managed to get a job in a completely different line of work... an office job where i don't have to deal with customers of any sort.


you just need to find your niche... figure out what it is that you hate about your job, and start looking for a job that's different in that respect. i, for one, am not a people person... so naturally, a sales position at an upscale (or wannabe, for that matter) retail store was a recipe for disaster. if you're in a similar situation, then you should try to get out of it, or you'll drive yourself crazy.

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I work for furniture installation i build libraries and put together classrooms and shit...


my day consists of me

1. going into work at 630am

2. getting in a truck and driving 2 hours away to get to the job

3. unloading truck loads of teachers desks, student desks, thousands of pounds of shelving, huge ass science tables and more odd heavy shit...

4. getting it in the school up flights of stairs or where ever it has to go

5. putting all the stuff together and placing it...



get to sleep

i get to take time off whenever i want for my band

work with my best friend

sometimes get to go home and stay on the clock



I have been there for two years and they still wont give me insurance because the front office doesnt recognize me as full time even though i work 40 hours a week


The company doesnt pay overtime because they think that there is something called window time (travel time from when we get in the truck to the job) even though i went to the labor board and they said there is no such thing.

(the only thing i could do was fill out a paper to have them investigate but they said it could take up to a year before they can do anything.)


Sometimes our bosses dont let us take lunch


Sometimes we pick up temps which are usually the lowest scum of the earth and alot of the times when we get them our boss starts to treat the better than he treats us.


I have worked with one guy who gets paid more than me and has insurance but doesnt do any work has gotten in 5 accidents with work vehicles is stealing stuff from work our bosses want to fire them and has told us that they want to but they wont because they dont want him to get unemployment so they are waiting for him to get 3 strikes or someshit. I am gunning for this dudes job so when i work with him and our bosses i work circles around him i have told the bosses shit that he does so he gets fired but nothing seems to work


I hate my job why the hell do i even go back everyday...


I am 19 years old with a fulltime job and the only reason i am not in school is because i am addicted to playing drums at shows...


damn music...

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