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Originally posted by LikeClockWork@Mar 24 2005, 11:46 AM

i didnt know where to post some shit like this so i just put it here.. im a miami boy riding to san francisco and ill be out there for a while. im just wondering if anyone can let a brotha know whats up with the hip hop scene over there? where are the dope clubs? anything going on this month? where can i score some dop kicks? hella dope gear etc etc.. dont be a tool, if ur from there hook me up with that info. stay classy


oh. well im not really into hip hop so i cant help you out with the clubs and such. but if you really want me to, i can ask the homies for you and do some research. that is if you are really interested. easiest way to find out whats going on is to simply pick up a bay guardian or an sf weekly. they always have something in there for the hip hop heads.


yes this month there will be a showing of piece by piece at the red vic on haight street. april 16th is the showing. check out the trailer at piecebypiecemovie.com. is basically the history of sf graf. pretty good i think you should check it out.


while you are in the haight, they have true which is a hip hop store and shoe store. they also have future primitive which is a hip hop store. the haight is the best place to check out kicks. or also check out huf. they have bangin kicks as well. upper playground is a store with many local art and graf books. you might want to check out that area too because i heard fafi painted a doorway.


and uhm, thats all the hip hop knowledge that i know. i might know more but i cant remember them right now. feel free to PM with more questions if you have any.



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