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12oz Boozers.


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I drink maybe 3 to 4 nights a week. Socially. So I either go out, knock out some 2 for 1's or grab a case to share with friends.

I absolutely refuse to drink by myself because that's where I believe the dependency would develop. I might chill out with a glass of wine or a beer, but that's usually it.


My gramps was an alcoholic, beat my grandmother. They are the cutest and craziest couple now, but I am sure it was hell before then. So dependency is bad, in hereditary terms for me.


I really like Vodka. When I go to bars I drink a LOT of vodka, whether it is with Red Bull, which I don't get very often because they aren't tough enough. Vodka-tonic has been all the rage with me lately.

I was out with a lady friend and a friend of hers one night. I got bonkered on vodka, called my boss, who is also a friend of mine to drop by, and I ended up punching him in the face. He DID tell me to, so he got what he deserved. I got dragged out by my homegirl and I couldn't drive her home. She took my keys, yet I insisted I could drive. I was playing around and punched her in the arm, rather hard, on the way to the car. Her friend drove us home and I passed out at her crib. I'm thankful she put up with my shit - I need to marry a girl like that.


As someone said before, Budweiser is the violence beer.

Vodka is my violence drink.

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i hate budweiser with a passion now..i used to drink it every other night and it got soo old,but i dont think ill ever be able to drink MGD or miller lite again,i had 4 kegs of that shit in my closet..i had a party for a couple days non stop..i ended up drinking from a pitcher..

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growing up in louisiana i started drinking at 13 and moved to drugs by

14 till about i was 22..now i just drink my scotch and blaze my trees..

somtimes i find it hard to go with out liquor...i get real restless at night and can't go to sleep but that goes away after 3 days or so of not drinking ..but the herb i'm a full blown adik...i gotta have my trees...

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i had my first drink when i was about 9, mom and dad left me and the liquor cabinet alone for a few hours. i made myself a whiskey sour i think.


i've had to kinda curb my drinking as of late, but for a good while i was drinking 5 or 6 nights a week, often by myself. i'm down to about 1 day a week now, socially.

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Guest sneak
Originally posted by symbols@Mar 23 2005, 06:17 PM

then yelling at some friends who were making out to "fucking get a room"



...or pretending to shoot strangers with a toy gun from a moving car.


i'll stop there.


i do these while sober/

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i rarely drink any more. i had a 40 sunday night. first one in a month and a half (i think. maybe longer).


i've seen too many friends go down the path of alcoholism. too much of a risk since both my parents have alcoholics in their families.


don't even smoke herb that much any more. (although it is my favorite of favorites...)

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i used to smoke about 5-7 blunts a day. eat them pain pills like jelly beans u kno. but court cases have completly limited

those actions. the weird thing is that i dont really miss the shit too much. but i kno once this shit blows over i will be back to that green


p.s addicted 2 that henny

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Fuck alcohol. I've got the prime makings for an addict. My dad's father's father drank himself blind with kerosine before he died. My dad's mother's father drank himself to death at 45. I've got contemporary alcoholics dotted all over both my mom and dad's side of the family as well. And all that's not even taking my own addictive tendencies into account....


I'd rather be a pothead than an alcoholic anyday, at least potheads don't take themselves half as serious as most alcoholics and routinely question their actions. Not that I'm judging anyone else for drinking, shit's just not for me if I want to expect much of a future.

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i think i've become/becoming immune to coronas

at first i assumed i didn't feel anything after having one

because i ate that day.

but the other day i had the lrg corona 40oz? i think its less

anyway...i hardly felt that.

i'm 130lbs moderate tolerance and i'm just noticing this with coronas i could down them like water


this concerns me and wastes your time reading it

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