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do you like your thumb?


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this kid who used to drive me to school back in the day had annoying thumbs. id stare at his thumbs the whole ride and get mad at him. they looked like mini dicks on his hands

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hahaha, mini dicks... I think the girlies have a saying about thumbs and dicks, one of those shoe size, nose size, pointy knee type comparison things... so what I'm saying is, maybe his dick looked like a mini thumb?


really makes you think...

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Guest uncle-boy

i like my thumbs.... actually i love all my fingers.

a lot of girls have actually complimented my hands, and they all dont know why. but they think they are sexy.

the end.

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a tech at one of my rehabs had thumbs shaped like tennisrackets. she wore a ring on one of them that had been there for years and she could never take it off again. her name was liz.


and i think its obvious why im giving this thread a thumbs up, but just in case it isnt its because this threads about thumbs.

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