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my new dnb mix:


polar - skydiving

fracture and neptune - hullbreach

spor - dante's inferno

raiden - 1984

limewax - never happening

phace - 3002

fracture and neptune - the limit

gremlinz - sometimes i get depressed

kemal and rob data - ultraviolet

phace - brainwave

cause 4 concern - synergy

fracture and system - yeah, but

phace - cold champagne

fracture and system - closed circuit

rockwell - reverse engineering

fracture and neptune - tape fog

phace - hot rock

d bridge - freedom club

tech itch - release me

teebee - daywalker

phace - stagger

calyx - chasing shadows

panacea - pizdets (the sound of talinn) (raiden remix)

jo - r-type




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New Jungle mix from Detroit Mike



01 DJ L.A.B. - Politician

02 Radman - Wicked Sound

03 PAYO - Wish You Weren't Here

04 Shitmat - Archaeology

05 Ricky Force - Competitor

06 Vendetta & Barber & Bad Kid - Bad Chill

07 Radman - Pull the Plug

08 DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Tim Reaper Remix)

09 Theory - Jungle Soul

10 DJ L.A.B. - Dub Be Good to Me

11 Dub-One - Volcon

12 K-Jah - Back to Work Blues

13 Congo Natty - Police in Helicopter

14 4 Corners Crew - Police in Helicopta

15 Mowgli Coleman - Lost Sesh

16 Dwarde - Grim Up North

17 Badman Moriarty - Real Ganja Man (Ragga Mix)

18 Resinate - Deft

19 Torrential - Hope I Can Feel

20 Nice of Tribe - Mafia Remix

21 Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Mafia VIP

22 Igit - Gal U Look Nice

23 DSC - Burn Down the System

24 Mampi Swift - Feeel Good

25 Dr. Dr3 ft. Sn00p D0gg & Ak0n - Ku5h

26 Ray Keith vs DJ Vadim - Terrorist (Torrential's Epic Terrorist Rmx.)

All tracks mixed on 2 turntables by Detroit Mike



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mix nerds!


so i'm possed to rock my homies nye party. straight disco.

did it last year and it sucked not being able to party much.

which is usually the case when rocking any party solo. but this year

dudes and myself thought it'd be nice to give me a break(or multiple

breaks) and i need some good dizco mixes to throw on. studio 54 shyt fool.

been browsing and i have really found anything i'm comfortable tossing on.


halp for serious prawps powers....



ps. last years jam was NOT disco. i do not spin disco. but i'm versatile as fuck so we're doing it anyways.

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I'm listening to that link right now. Is your mix the one with the Champ remix? It seems like they just stream mixes, so it might be another DJ.


I did another radio show of funk, soul, hip hop, afrobeat, and disco.




01. Crusaders – That’s How I Feel

02. Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson – Home Is Where The Hatred Is

03. Sergio Mendes & The New Brazil ’77 – Mozambique

04. Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler – Aro

05. Fela Soul(Gummy Soul’s Amerigo Gazaway) – Ooh Feat.Redman

06. Lyric Born – I Changed My Mind (Stereo Mc’s Rattlesnake Mix)

07. Blackbyrds – Blackbyrds Theme

08. Candido – I’m On My Way

09. Billy Ball & The Upsetters feat.Roosevelt Matthews – Tighten Up Tighter

10. Johnnie Taylor – I Believe In You(You Believe In Me)

11. Norman Connors – Akia

12. B.T.Express – Do It (’til You’re Satisfied)

13. No Cure Disco (Monchan Edit)

14. Idris Muhammad – Boogie to The Top

15. The Salsoul Orchestra – Salsoul Rainbow

16. Isley Brothers – Live It Up

17. Bobby Womack – Check It Out

18. The Roots with Common Feat.Erykah Badu – All Night Long

19. People Under The Stairs – Blowin Wax

20. Fela Anikulapo Kuti – Everything Scatter

21. Fela Soul(Gummy Soul’s Amerigo Gazaway) – Feel Good Inc.(gorillaz Feat.Dela Soul)

22. Asiko Rock Group – Lagos City

23. Bobby Hughes Experience – My French Brother

24. Maynard Ferguson – Theme From Star Trek


The levels are a little fucked at times, but whatever.

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Hey fellas, if I may ask a favor.. I am running a marathon Sunday and need some mixtapes to bump. I usually play dark techy dnb (i.e. Noisia/spor/etc) or dubstep (heavy brostepish stuff) when I run. Any of you have any suggestions? My goal is to have 4 hours of music that all has a steady groove or at least something that super upbeat with energy.

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Hope all is well.



All is very well with me man. Hope the same goes for you.



So I was always asking for this one Terry Mullan mix in here. I finally found it, but can only stream it unfortunately. I don't even know what this mix would be labeled as anymore, but it's probably my favorite tech/house/acid mix from the 90's. I highly recommend it.







What's the deal with the TOO name? Forget your password?

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