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So I got in my head to do a mix of all L.A. based artist/producers and this is that mix:



Local Love

1. Audiomoe - Follow Me - Magnify Music

2. Soulato f. Chellena Black - Love Don't Hit(Tony Largo Vocal Dub Edit) - Paradax Records

3. Atjazz f. Clyde - I Forgot You(Lars Behrenroth 'wtf' Dub) - Atjazz Recording Company

4. Joshua Heath f. Louis Hale - Copacetic(OG Mix) - Golden State Recordings

5. Doc Martin & Tony Hewitt - Lack Of Dub(Keys Mix) - Tango

6. Doc Martin & Tony Hewitt - Lack Of Dub(Acid Mix) - Tango

7. Force Of Nature - Afroshock(Broken Rule Remix) - Headinghome Recordings

8. Wayne Lyons - Drums Of Fury - Metro Trax

9. Black Coffee f. Zakes Bantwini - Juju(Lars Behrenroth Remix) - City Deep

10. Kemal - Love Lockdown(Eric N. Stereo MLK Mix) - ???

11. The Return - New Day(New Day New Journey Zack Hill Edit)

12. ?????? - Reelsoul Edit

13. Manchildblack - Live 4 Love(Reelsoul Instrumental Mix) - Deep Haven


I've had the honor and pleasure of countless conversations with almost all the artist on this mix. Each and every person on here has had a direct influence on me in one way or another. I've also got to witness just about every artist on here do their thing and even played with a couple of cats. To anyone who I didn't include in the mix I'll get you next time. A part two will definitely be done before the new year.


Thanks to everyone who helped me put this mix together. You know who you are.

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1. Adryan - The Jazzer(Russ Gabriel Mix)

2. Jerk House - Each and Every Day(Penner and Mulder Dub)

3. Slope - Gemini

4. Sandy Rivera - I Like It Dirty(SR's Dirty Bitch Mix)

5. Azari III - Indigo

6. LFO vs. F.U.S.E. - Loop

7. Format B - Gospel(Super Flu's Antichrist Mix)

8. Bilro & Barbosa - Synthetic Fields(DJ Warp Remix)

9. Gesaffelstein - Selected Faces(OG Mix)

10. Joy Division - ????(Sunshine Edits)

11. Gary Numan - My Dying Machine(Massimo Carpani Remix)


Kind of has an early to mid 90s type feel. At least that's what I think.


Please feel free to re-post any mix that you dig. I'd like to get more listeners on board.

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I'm not gonna lie. I recorded this while two bottles deep on some wine. I chose to lay down thirty minutes in. Being vertical seemed a waste of time.


It's a techno mix.


That is all.


Link doesn't work, can you pm me the new location?

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New mixtape for the season.


Low Places – The Storm & Malcontent


T.I. - Life of the Party ft. R. Kelly


Ruiner – Convenient Gods


Chris Brown – Fuck em All


Doomriders – Blood Avenger


Comadre – Sabado Gigante


No Comment – Hurt


Borknagar – Svartskogs Gilde


Juelz Santana ft. Chris Brown – Back to the Crib


Extortion – The Pessimist


Camron – Hey Ma


Bastard Noise – Pincers’ Movement


Glasses – Turing Cursive Letters into a Knife



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Christmas Mix[/url] from dailysessions. Thanks for the heads-up on this site, Earl.


Glad you like it. Good Records does great shows.



IOU -- You've been busy. You need to get me a mix to put on Daily Session. I have been having issues with my computer, so I haven't been downloading any mixes as of late. So I'll have a lot of catch up to do when I finally can.

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