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okay... here's the plan...   The MixTrader SuperThread   There's nothing like a good dj mix, so post links to whatever you find. If you have a great mix as an mp3, use http://www.yousendit

Posted Images

Thanks Earl.. Joe Mull is a bad man.


Hood was out here a few months back and I only caught a few songs from his set and they were by far the best tracks played that night.


Also caught Octave One who lit the fucking place up.


Word. You were there too? it was insane in there

one of the best times i've had this year

I'm going to guess the Octave One guys didn't want their set posted but Surgeons just went up today.


so fucking good, all of his mixes are

here's another one Surgeon DEAF mix

(techno, dubstep, etc. mixed perfectly together, its evolutionary)


sidenote: Hood is dope caught him this summer, so intense

same with jeff mills (this wkend nyc)


also listened to this Seth Troxler live at watergate mix today

really good


Anyone else on here use Soundcloud add me (or post yours), I listen to mixes for hours at work

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hey guys, here is a quick dubstep mix I did yesterday.




Skream – 2D


Datsik – Quantization Error


Compound One – Get Loose


Kryptic Minds – One of Us


Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Biscope Dubstep Remix)


Datsik – Gizmo


Bar 9 – Coalescence


Ed Solo – Age of Dub


Vista – Forcefield


Sukh Knight – Lick It


Skream – Shake It


Bar 9 – Domination


Mr. Sleepz – Sonic Boom


OlliE! & Bare Noize – Dancing In The Dark VIP


Bar 9 – Rapture


Borgore – Foes (16bit Fuck Hoes Remix)


Datsik – Jenova Project


B.Rich – We Ball Harder


Druley – Fail




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*GEIN - intro*

Audio - Fallot - Freak

Audio and Dylan - Burning - Freak

Counterstrike and Killer - Purify - Algorhthym

Evol Intent and Eye D - Rock n' Roll - Evol Intent

Counterstrike and Eye d - Rock Bottom - Algorhthym

Tech Itch and Jakes - Life of Sin ( GEIN edit ) - Unreleased

Current Value - Deadly Algorhthym ( GEIN rmx ) - Guerilla

Donny - Search and Destroy - Barcode

Evol Intent - Take That ( Ewun rmx ) - Evol Intent

Kemal - Hostile ( LOD vip ) - Unreleased

Gein - Warden ( Counterstrike Rmx ) - Guerilla

Current Value - Over Clock ( Nanotek Rmx ) - Guerilla

Breaker and Silent Killer - Brigade - ???


Gein - Hell - Habit






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Moogle, if you like deep tech house, it's worth checking out.


It's good to hear mixes like this for me. I kind of gave up on house/techno when everything started becoming a business that is driven by guidos in rape suits. This mix reminds me of this one DJ I saw once. The dude's name was Shining Cloud and he was from NYC. He came to Boston back in 96 and played this heavily laced tribal set. The dude played in a full fucking head dress too, a real deal one. I had that dude's tape for years, and just lost it a couple years back. If anyone can get me a mix by someone named Shining Cloud (anytime, but mid 90's would be great), I'll be in debt.

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mmm did one about a week or two ago it's just house, tech house, house, techno

so far people like it: Here

tracklisting all of that on the mixcloud



I listen to so much stuff on soundcloud


The Revenge puts up really good mixes (disco/house): http://soundcloud.com/the-revenge/sets/dj-mixes-140

Till Von Sein too:


Deadboy on FACT: http://www.factmag.com/2010/01/04/fact-mix-112-deadboy/

^killed it dub/2step


Green Velvet has a new mix up on Urb: http://www.urb.com/2010/01/11/green-velvet-exclusive-mix


yeah earl I don't even bother with official clubs anymore, the Europeans & South Americans have the NY techno (house) scene on lock right now. good times good good times


I would put up that Gucci Mane remix mixtape that dropped earlier this week

but I hate Gucci mane

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EMO --are you Olivetonic? I'm listening to the mix now.


I'm doing my next show for dailysessions in a couple of weeks. I've been working on a deep house mix and I'm fucking paranoid as all fucking hell to do it live. I haven't played these records in almost ten years and was never good at mixing to begin with. So I'm practicing the mix, and every time I get sloppy I teeter on giving up and doing a dubby breaks set.


The other thing is the mixer I play on for the show. It's an old disco mixer that is basically two volume dials. No kills or EQ's, crossfader, channel faders, effects --none of that. Just a straight forward old school disco mixer. So I have to be dialed in for that shit.


I'll probably end up doing a dubby set.

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It's a Sound Workshop mixer. This one:




You can see it fully in this stack:




All that digital CD crap is not involved with me. Just the mixer.


Here's some records I have, to give you an idea of the style I was into.









and the flipside













(<---not great quality sound)


If I do the mix, and don't fuck it up, I'll let you know. People hate on house music, but I don't really care. I know the shit is Yes/Homo and all that, but I like a lot of jazz, fusion, and disco --so hating on house is hypocritical for me.

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Some type of Nu-Soul Funk Jazz mix or whatever..


But seriously step up and download: http://www.oddiofile.net/sounds/oddio/ClubbingSpainMix.mp3 Right Click Camp



The Salsoul Orchestra – “Ooh I love It” (Love Break Groove) – Salsoul

Moodymann – “People” – Peacefrog

Manzel – “Sugar Dreams” – Dopebrother

Kutiman – “Music’s Ruling My World” (DJ Day Remix) – Melting Pot

Manu Dibango v. Masters at Work – “New Bell” – White Label

Incredible Bongo Band – “Apache” – Mr. Bongo

Brownout – “African Battle” – Alternate Take

Syrup – “Sweatshop” – Compost

Lee McDonald – “We’ve Just Begun” (TM Juke Mix) – Favourite

Gil Scott Heron – “The Bottle” (Daz-I-Kue Re-edit) – Bloodfire

Street Choir – “Phone Booth” – Choir

Mouzon’s Electric Band – “Everybody Get Down” – Vanguard

Mach – “On & On” – Remix Records

Pound Boys – “T’s Theme” (Dub) – Bumpin’ City

Peven Everett – “Stuck” (Groove Assassain Pow-er Re-rub) – Soul Heaven

??? – ??? – White Label

Blood – “Peace in the Nation” – Ibadan

Roy Davis Jr. – “Gabriel” (Live Garage) - Large

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