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CAPS sooperthread

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fuck german caps man. my advice is to just rock ny thins and fats and rusto's and stocks. thats all you need.


i mean fuck. if you want to get really crazy about it. ive seen fools use brushes and sponges and peices of cardboard even just your hands to make effects and shit in peices.






thats all i got anyways cause i have to rack all of my shit cause they realy aren't to many writers in my city so i got 6 ny fats, 5rustos, two stocks, and this weird ass fat cap with no dot on it... IDK what to call it i got it off of some brake disc cleaner, umm i got a german outline 2 and a red hooded outline two thingy. but yeah im not too big on all of these caps n shit, i mean they are nice to decorate with like i would make a neckalce with those gold montana fat caps and make a pendant the shape of texas with the silver ones and then get a grill made out of pink and blue dots and some custom made bapes for $50,000 made wit orange dots and those black Belton outlines. thats how you keep it gaangster in the souf!!!!


hey can anyone with photoshop show me how to do that bcause i would really love to see how that turns out.......

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I found a good way to clean caps,

1.)put them in a container that has a top on it

2.)fill it with paint thinner and acetone

3.)shake well for 15 minutes

4.) Repeat steps 1&2 if caps still have paint in them.

or you can use nailpolish remover if you dont have any acetone/paint thiner

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you can rack caps very similar to the german fatcap off these graffiti removal cans at home depot

preety much same cap except the insert is blue





ha ha. how inronic is that? i think will go pick up a few. why does homedepot sell stocks and fan caps? can anyone explaint that to me???

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