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Originally posted by Vanity@Mar 12 2005, 03:21 PM

i saw an episode of real sex one time where the producers hired some porn stars to mess around w/ a fake guy doll.. it had a fake ejaculate function and all... pretty funny.. they even ended it w/ a fake ejaculate facial

Haha yeah i saw that. The chicks were pretty hot too... from what i can remember.

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Glad I found this thread, I hope people keep it going. I'd take that real doll and fuck it so hard even it will scream my name! Seriously though, here's a few of my hidden delights:


Forced orgasms, especially through waterbondage


female ejaculation



anal play

bondage gear

I'm sure I could go on. By the way, given the definition people are going by, this should probably be named the fetish and perversion thread.

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Originally posted by Suicide Bomber@May 22 2005, 05:58 PM

Mine aint really wierd but i LOVE spanish chicks...



Me too. I love the whole foreign/exotic look. I love the Puerto Rican girls on the East coast and the Heinas on the West, plus some of the island girls and mixes you see on the West coast. Asian girls are fine too.

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We can not let this thread fade. I thought of some other shit. I do like that whole leather bondage look of the chicks in gas masks, or tied up chicks in general, like on some shit on the cover of old detective magazines or pin-up girls. I suck at posting but maybe people can post some fetish photos as well, like Erik Kroll type shit, not the more typical spanish girls or booty flix from the other threads.

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