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this just in... its fitty cents debut


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Originally posted by BARRY CLAVA+Mar 8 2005, 09:57 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (BARRY CLAVA - Mar 8 2005, 09:57 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-SPORTO@Mar 8 2005, 09:32 PM


and the rest is silence.


Oh you know him.... Whats up eminem... And how ya gonna say he's not street

C'mon, who else but someone who was gutter would sell out like that?

Yall are idiots, you think hes country and just somehow got signed by dre.. PLease.

But i do agree his songs are goin down hill, but thats very common in the rap

indusrty. Because when you first start rappin you try so hard, your hungry, But once

your filthy rich you right anything and it sells cause your all over tv, shirts, radio,

And now yes video games.

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Rap & hip hop sux....G-Unit, gimmie a break!


The only rapper I remotely enjoy and I think is the best is Eminem.

The rest of the rappers these days come a dime a dozen...they are all clones that have no talent, they use a beat box and shout in a mic.

You can't compare it to real talent like rock groups that make real music.

Plus, common sense dictates why Eminem is the best rapper, just like the best writers are... Hmmmmm?


I grew up on old school rap from the very early 80's and that had style. Now it is just a rerun of the same old bullshit, tec-9's, smoking blunts and killing Whitley.

They are garbage.


When I see a white kid walking around like someone he is not...with his pants hanging down, a fade type haircut a doo rag and talking like he is from Harlem but lives in the country. I feel like putting my foot up his ass.


Most people don't know where the style of wearing your pants hanging off your butt came from. They just do it to be accepted and think it is cool.

The style started in jail. When you went to jail a lot of the times the prison clothes did not fit (meaning it was too big) So, you would see inmates walking around holding up their prison greens up or they just let them hang. Somehow that developed into some sort of street style and 99% of the people that wear their pants that way, don't know where the style stemmed from.

Also, wearing your sneakers and boots unlaces or with no laces also came from prison. Because, they would take your shoe laces away when you went in for processing and the same with a belt. Hence, the pants would hang down and your shoes would flop. The removel of the belt and or the over sized prison greens developed some sort of style that you see idiots wear on the streets today.


I spent 7 years in prison and saw it all. I am not proud to say I was in Attica, Sing Sing, Rikers Island, etc; But, it made me hard and it made me strong and see things in a different light.





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Let the truth be told i like 50 cents first album. Some times i think he's stupid, and mumbles all his shit but if ya read the lyrics it's good poetry. But the commercial shit i see now is just trash (candy shop). I like eminem very much so, and give him tons of respect. You just can't hate on someone like that unless you're jealous. His lyrics are straight genius...........And he has some balls for following his dream as a white rapper. And dre :king: nuff said on him. Young buck trash wanna be southern, not juvi. Loyd banks trash, wanna be ladies man, not fabulous= (good rapper right there). Game is a true compton blood.... no matter who says hes not, And he is good in my book.

So g-unit = money in eminems pocket and dre's pocket, the real rappers, And brains of the operation... But thanks to g-units dumb lil group ( who disses, fat joe, nas a musical genius, and jadakiss whos " in the hood like lil motorcycles") everyone wants to be a gangsta... Basically 50 cent was good at one time (his underground shit and his first lp) But now going down hill slowly but surely.

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