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Oh yea, i forgot he did a whole train in Nyc a couple years back(longest 1 in history).Not to mention the thousand of trains we got...SO .ROFLOL.NO 1 will ever top that.....ANDActully who the fuck are u? U hide behind your fake ass names...& oh yea I hate fake MC who always act hard but wont walk the streets without a bodyguard...Oh & when the MUL BOOK drops...U can go kill yourself!!!!

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Furthermore- I ment Ultimate Train King Crew-Cause God If u were saying individuals & dident bring up SEEN from UA, than obviously u need some education(but these guys are old school kings) Were new school kings from the good ol USA where graffitit orginated-Or maybee u should try & paint a couple pannels, You'll obviouly never top the NYC whole train the boys did, but hey im sure u could pop of a few freight in that toy lottle world of yours-Also im so sick of the euros acting like their god's gift to graff...u see these guys painting during the day like their commuters are as easy as freights, try comming to chicago & doing that...I DOUBLE DOG DARE U.....YOU WONT!!!!!!

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