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Who's been in a fight lately?

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yeah i hear ya. when i go for a choke, the key is not to get too

tight too fast. ease it in slowly. b/c if you do it quickly, the guy

will think he can just wait it out...but if you go slowly, you'll start

fucking w/ the guys mind, and he'll start to panic

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meh, if i felt you trying to ease a choke in, i would tuck my chin to my chest. you can squeeze the shit out of someones head and protect my throat and my neck, and granted its uncomfortable, but youre still in the fight. what i love is waiting for the other person. i let people try and come in,go nuts, waste their energy and just protect myself. give em a little bit of them trying this and trying that and they get tired. all it takes is that one time to slip up and BAM. choked the fuck out. last time i was on the mat i learned the arm bar from the guard. now thats some crucial shit. love me some joint manipulation.

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so i was at this park drinkin with my buddies and some kids come up talking shit. i was in a bad mood because of exgirlfirend complications and i decide i want to go ones with this dude. he agrees whole heartedly and we begin to fight. i get the first punch, right in the kisser. he then proceeds to tackle me and wrap his legs around me and start choking me. I was like, damn blood, i thought we were finsta box. i could have just went up and kicked him in the balls but im boss and i guess i lost. i broke my ankle. i just wanted to win...

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i dont normally look for fights but i am an instigator for sure ill admit that. i dont know why it just my nature. im not like a dick for no reason but if someone is trying to be a tough guy ill be the one sayin shit to him i dont know why ive gotten beat lots of times but ive won prolly the same if not more as ive lost. i dont back down even when i know i damn well i should. i just love fighting. ive takin martial arts kickboxing i was in the Army. i just wish i was bigger. im only 6'1 150 lbs on a good day. but im insane when i need to be cause of the army shit but i dont lose focus from all the amrtial arts shit ive done so it makes for a good time.


so me and my friend are riding around yellin at people from my car and finally some kid had the balls to say shit back so i follow him and his friend just yellin at him. he goes yo get out your car ill beat you ass blah blah.so i stop get out and i realize dudes mad smaller then me and prolly a bunch younger. his friend is like leave him alone hes only 16 im like word i aint fightin a 16 yr old so iget back in the car and he spits all up on my shit. so i get out and im like you little fuck im gonna smash you blah blah. his friend whos like my age comes around the car. my mistake here i think hes just gonna push me or get in my face. starts fuckin crackin me mad hard in the head. shit goes all fuzzy from the hits. next thing i know i got dude by his hair sockin him the face with my other hand and shit so he tries to pick me up and cover his face so i start choking him with the guillotine. cause i know damn well he isnt gonna have fun tryin to grapple me so i take advantage of it and try to goto the ground. but fall into my car instead. so he finally picks me up and this is my favorite part. i started rainin elbows straight down onto this dudes skull. and he finally just lets me go after about four elbows. so like for the next week my elbow fuckin killed me i wanna know what the dudes head was feelin like. i know that shit hurt him cause he jsut let me go and walked away after he dropped me.

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wow that was long. sorry. fightin just excites me. and jumping people is stupid. but if you cant beat someone with 2 people you deserve to get your ass beat. my 2 cents. eh and kiss my ass for the trrible grammar, typing, spelling, punctuation. i havent had a computer in weeks my thoughts are going faster then my fingers.

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