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**NOTE TO ALL USERS: please refrain from soliciting in this thread. the point of this thread is to let people know info for different mags to contact/contribute to. if you want people to know your mag will be on shelves soon, that's fine, but don't use this thread as a way to sell your magazine or any other products. thanks - Mr. ABC & the mod squad





very keen to see what the whole world is doing with graff mags, any city, any country, any state, any continent,you post up your info.... kick off with australian mags!!!


DIRTY DEEDS (brisbane, australia)

sendflix@bigpond.net.au or dirtydeeds_magazine@hotmail.com


ARTILLERY (brisbane, australia)



DEATH FROM ABOVE (melbourne, australia)


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Guest imported_Europe



Magic Moments (not being published at the moment)


Ud & Skriv (not being published at the moment)


Actionspeax. New mags, one is big&free full of hiphop and 6 pages of graff. Other one is 100% graff and limited print.



Get Up Magazine. Magic Moments "sequel". Second issue coming spring 2005.

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- Graphotism


- Wordplay 1 & 2


- Fatbucks 1




a *NEW* Bombalert 3 featuring


- London Underground


- Commuters


- Interview with 2Kold DDS


- Interview with Ano LDS


- Written feature about London 1995 by Teach & Fume


- Written features on London Old School buy Fuel


New versions with new binding and spine out now. Contact HQ or Suspectpackages for distribution/swaps

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in an attempt to keep the third rail relatively clean, i've made this a sticky. if you have any contact info for mags that people may want to contribute to, or are starting your own mag and need contributions, post it here.


**NOTE: please refrain from soliciting in this thread. if you want people to know your mag will be on shelves soon, that's fine, but don't use this thread as a way to sell your magazine or any other products. thanks

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3 new mags will be released during 2005.


***Between Magazine;

covering all the biggest norwegian cities, scandinavian + international walls & trains, interviews, a check-up on 2 very special and original Oslo crews and more.



*** Illegal Life;

focusing on the capital of Norway, oslo, mainly. Doesnt know more about that


*** Aerosoldiers;

Focusing on burners and wildstyle pieces, but will also contain some oher stuff.

http://www.aerosoliders.com - theires english sucks even more than mine. hehe


there will also be released a new issue of the legendary FatCap Magazine.


Norway also got the magazine Blackout, but they're now planning to da a book.

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Catfight issue#0 is out now!



Catfight is an all female graffmagazine that shows

all aspects of graffiti. We hope to publish a new Catfight regularly to show you the best and most recent works.

So start sending your photos for the new issue!


You can download Catfight issue #0 right here

or @ http://www.catfightmag.tk


Mail to info@catfightmag.tk :

- to send your photos for the next issue

(good quality pictures at 300 dpi, only works by females)

- if you would like to recieve a printed version of this magazine

- if you want to sponsor this magazine or place an ad in it

- for suggestions and comments on the magazine


Hatemail can be sent to: ihatemyselfbutihateyouevenmore@catfightmag.tk

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Second issue of GRAFF ZOO, an italian mag, is finally available on


Check a nice preview on the GRAFF ZOO website.

If you want more, there's an exclusive photogallery, with fliks that are NOT an the mag, on STRADANOVE


The mag features:


Sky4 from CKC crew, writing since 1989, one of the most impressive graffiti artist in the Milan.



Fake & Gorey form Paris: from street bombing to walls with their funky fresh lettering.



Trucks: NYC Vs Paris



Kein (Nerds crew) from Florence and his view on graffiti in Italy.



More than 30 pages of mixed walls and trains, mostly from Italy, with all the best writers.



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Wild War: my fav mag, old school new school, great articles and interviews, the best coverage of the hardcore Paris scene.




Graff Bombz: Lots of pics from all over France, great if you're looking for inspiration. Too bad the paper they use isn't great quality.




Graff it!: Mostly graffiti, but also rap, other hip-hop related stuff...don't like it as much as the other two.




Bunch of others I don't know too much about: Blazing, Grafferz, Inner City....the list goes on.

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Gael Force Is The First Irish Graffiti Magazine. 1100 Copies At 32 Pages, Full Colour Will Be Printed On 175gram Glossy Paper.Its Due For Release Before The End Of July So All Of You who Still Havent Submitted Flicks Have Time Left.


It Will Contain Irish Politic murals, Tracksides,Productions,Bombing,Vechiles,Tags,Rooftops,Rollers,Interviews


The First Issue Is Strictly Irish With Some Vistors,Then the Following Issues Will Be Open To submissions from Scotland,Wales,England And The Rest Of The World.It Will Contain Mostly Flicks And Will Have Interviews For Those Of You Who Can Read.

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