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Lets chill a bit on the self promo

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I don't use mops. And I don't even know if I have any flicks of anyone elses cause most Philly heads don't realy fuck with mops. I do like them though, I just think that if you're gonna use a drippy messy mop you should just do basic simple letters and not try to get all intricate cause the fat drips are just gonna fuck it all up. Also drippy or not I just don't like any of those frisco tags you posted. I'm sure that of all the writers in SF there has got to be somebody with a half descent hand.

Post them!


Disclaimer---> I aint trying to sound like MR Hand Master 2005, cause I aint. I'm just sayin.

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Originally posted by EUROne@Mar 1 2005, 05:33 AM

I have the feeling you just hate Frisco scene for some reason?? :clown2: \

I like all the one I posted allready.

Hope others like it.



Um, NO!

I have never been there, so why would I have anything against it. I just don't feel the SF hands posted. (Other than the Agua, who happens to be from Philly) No flow or handstyle involved that's all. Nothing personal against anybody, I just don't think they're worthy of being posted on a "handstyle thread".


Not just them, there's alot of crap posted up in here. I'm just saying that if it's a "handstyle" thread then it should only have the good shit in here. That's all. Don't get it twisted.

And like I said I aint even no hand master anyways. Just stating my opinion.

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The first two you just posted are absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!


A couple on the third post (the door) are mediocre at best and the rest are HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:

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