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Lets chill a bit on the self promo

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Every 3 months, this Trendy attention seeking hipster runs his mouth, about some all time legend,


Snitch to keep your name up...and THEN demand respect...jus ask the LAPD.. vandal division??? how many get out of jail free cards do you think you can play? BEFORE YOUR KREW FINDS OUT.

Rats like you are the reason WHY graffiti is now a consumer product, IE SOLD OUT THE GAME?


Your OWN crew WILL turn on you over this, YOU FINALLY WENT TO FAR WITH YOUR internet BLOGGERY?


You must think your like some Graffiti critic or some shit, and all you had to do is keep your mouth shut?



You are the worst typographic plagiarist (style biter) on four legs!!

And FAB's canvases KILL your WEAK attempts at producing fine ART???

Your self and Sever should apologize and thank fab BECAUSE his is 1/3 the reason, why you write your name on walls DICK HEAD. ( excluding mexican mural artist)

dON'T BE Surprised if Lee and Lenny want to see you "slapped upside your head!"

Fabs been one of the most influential people promoting HIP HOP culture..... you out your league son. don't think we don't have flicks of that 94-95 shit, cough cough!!!


P.S your HIGH HORSE IS more like a minature DONKEY...with little plastic appendages!


And since everybody's gots they hands out, WHERE MY CASH PAYMENT FEMALES.

81..... and if the vandal world didn't have respect and love for JOE, RIME, SABRE..etc The get back would be alot worse,



Sorry Revok but you brought this on your self.....

p.p.s kinda like your new shirts, all that vandal shit!! not that i'd ever wear one, even if it was FREE!!!



Where can I read further on this


sorry to contriboot to offtopicness

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