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i know a girl that writes-or she sort of writes but she has pretty much the exact same style as that second piece..like.. the EXACT same, thats weird to me is there some site that you got it off or something? and that last one is sick, the shading from top to botom is really good, and the drop shadow type thing works really well, the only thing i would critisize is the umm.. i dont know what theyre called it kinda makes the letters look beveled and shiny.. the white lines they need to line up with your letters more it looks like you mite have had trouble with the marker or something, and the only part where its really messed up is the botom right of the S. other than that i think its good (the other two dont have any flow though)

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haha dont bite those shitty graffiti fonts. If you were a boy id problly give you a much harder time about those. UNless you want me to?

You need to do straight letters like the ones on you keyboard util you can learn to draw better then start Styling them out a little. But this will take a LONG time so dont come posting some toy ass wild styles a month from now. But at that just keep it up.

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God show some tits or die jesus christ.. haha !~!!


i dont think anyone is serious about the tits.. though, really... im sure we would all get excited to see them anyways... unless youre 13.. but posting your picture in your profile might not be so smart if yu want to be an ill dope piece tag graff bomber!!! HOLLA!!

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Originally posted by Chiral@Feb 23 2005, 08:50 PM

I don't care if anyone knows im a girl. And thats not all my work. I have plenty of others that are my own. And as for whats being posted i will post what i want and it wont be toy ass wild styles.



Are you fucking kidding me?


Dont come off with some "i got originality" bullshit after youve been in the game for fucking 16 minutes.


You will post what you want and it wont be some toy ass wild style?


So youre saying its better to post toy ass graffiti font bites?

OR you toy ass letters?


Im asking you to show your tits because the only claim to graffiti fame would be having your tits on 12ozprophet.com you wack herb.


Get the fuck off.


PS: Now seriously show your fucking tits.

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tough crowd huh? well, lets chill on the tits.. she ain't showing them.. but i like your style.. anonymity1 is right, just work ont the letters more then the fill just like i always tell people, and im sure you have heard it tons of times before.. start simple, we all don't start out doing burners.. i do like your fills though there is just a time and place for them.. lots of people i know have been writing for like 7 years to get at the skill they are at now.. it does take time.. but keep drawing and you WILL get it..


Post Script: keep ya tits in ya shirt the majority of people on here are guys and guys like tits. but i respect your self- respect.. and thats cool. ;)

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Beleive what im bout to say cuz more & more dude out heretry to write and boy the they cant even bust a quik tag.... and i do like way a female writes they have a different set of mind so jus keep it up and sooner or later you may stomp these suckus... :love2: :king:















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you guys are all 1/2 retarded :haha: ...chiral youre 100x crazier than they are...if youve seen shitty toy shit before on here and responses to that shit why and i do mean why the hell would you A. start your post by stating your a chick B.say your a chick with the wackness you posted..they wouldnt say shit if you were burnin our eyes out with the fire but unfortunately for you your not now that being said i aint the god and shit but i do know to watch what i say cause youll get burned everytime.. Now all you dudes that came on the have some self-respect tip you have some respect and just shut what they call the fuck up..who cares :huh: besides since she has nothin else to offer up at the moment. i wouldnt mind seeing some tits my damn self!!!




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