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I'm a headphone freak. r10smile.gif

well... not that kind of freak...


so how about them cans?




^ these are some great sonys but NOT for wearing around.

I dont care how bad you want to look like a dj, with your record

bag and your stanton t-shirt, please dont wear them outside.



^ these are some nice light weight sennheisers. This company does some great work.



^ this is the mother of all headphones. The Sennheise Orpheus.

Too bad they cost well over 10 grand.



^ Here's the Shure E2 earbuds. Apparently the sound is amazing,

and at the price.... it damn well better be!



^ these are the koss plug. They only cost about $20 so I think

I might pick up a pair this weekend.

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I have a pair, take it from a music producer, they are legit.   @KILZ FILLZ

I have a pair of audio technica's m40x or whatever.. pretty solid headphones.. also found this microphone adapter on Amazon for like 20 bucks.. now not only are they super dope headphones but now they

I got these at an electronics store around town. I removed the mic and use them as normal cans. I’m happy with their quality. Will see how they handle the test of time

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The shure e2s are actually pretty sweet. I got a pair for a family member to wear on airplanes and ended up using them myself on a day to day basis.


They're essentially really good earplugs with good headphones inside them. I could be standing five feet away from someone listening to medium volume music while that person is yelling at me and not hear a thing.


They're worth the money if you listen to your music on headphones a lot (more than an hour a day).

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pioneer se-dj5000s for my decks. probably wouldn't wear them in public, though i used to use a big pair of JVCs.


i dont think there's anything wrong with wearing dj headphones in public unless you actually look like you're trying to look like a dj. dj cans usually have pretty good frequency response and good bass drivers, plus they're sturdy. those sennheisers look like theyre gonna fall the fuck apart any minute


if i ever get another portable music player, i'd probably be leaning towards investing in a pair of good earbuds

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i just bought a pair of Akai ear plug headphones from coconuts.

its what im looking for, for the winter.


they have hooks to hook around the ear, and volume control.


they fit under a beanie real nice, and are good for snowboading, since the hooks keep them staying in place and i can adjust the volume withouth having to take off my gloves or taking out my ipod.


but for none winter days, i have sony MDR-V250

they are a smaller version of the studio headphones.


and i also have sondy MDR-500 for my turntable, but they flop around too much.

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Originally posted by Xicohtencoatl@Mar 2 2005, 07:15 PM

My backpack happened to snatch a pair of these at a local Guitar Center.





My headphones!


These are the headphones that I replaced my broken Bose with. Theyre so much better. I love them. Detatchable cord!? Who'd a thought it would solve all of life's little problems.


if you cant see the picture, theyre Technics RP-HD1200s...something or others.

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I'm a huge nerd when it comes to my headphones.


^I own these, imported from Japan^


^I'll soon be buying these, and...^


^one of these^

So then the plan is to run 3d sound imaging programs on my laptop so I can achieve ultimate geekstatus playing Halo2 in perfect surround sound. I play competitive Halo, and having accurate surround sound is crazy important.

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Well I found my Shures at the bottom of my laundry basket (who knows how they got there). I knew I should have waited a couple more days before declaring them lost and gone forever.


Key/Kilo/Zesto: I'd spring for the sonys if I was you. I looked at some of those Koss jobbers and they seem really cheaply made and crappy compared to the sonys.

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yeah... I dont think I can cheap out on headphone.

the MDREX51LP are only like $60, and that's double the

price of the Koss, but chances are they will last 10x as long.

My current 'Vertical in-the-Ear Headphones' sony sport headphones

have been with me for the past 5 years and they have gone though hell.

(but not the laundry.... no headphone can survive that!)

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