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In New York there has been Recent buzz around tactics and laws to

clean up NYC Graff by Fuckberg, and how its a cancer. It's really funny

to me that His Billionaire in Crime Donald Trump has chosen to use Graffiti for his show.

You know its funny they all consider it a crime until it will

Make their buddy thick in the pockets. Then they all jump up

and down and yeah Hooray for Graffiti. hmmm hypoc...........



Episode 6 - The Writing on the Wall





The candidates compete in a corporate graffiti advertising task for a new video game.

One team paints themselves into a corner while the other does their market research.

The winners are treated like supermodels while the losers get off track in the boardroom

when the 7th candidate is fired.





24-02-2005 9PM





Posted by Lex in Episode 06 - The Writing on the Wall, Episode Summaries, Television





I wouldn't be suprised If the Donald also breaks into a

freestyle trying to sell his new book "Trump's hairstyle guide for men"





Wasn't sure if to put this in channel zero or crossfire

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"And trump trump check out the cash in my trunk

Trump trump check out the cash in my trunk

I am donald trump me think you mighta heard about me

How me last wife ivana come and catch me money

She want all she want this she want the ? of fun

X amount of this like this ? gap hear me

Hol? up your hand if you love the money

Hol? up your hand if you love punanny

Gun pon mi side mi afi kill somebody

Because the money inna mi trunk dem wan fi come tek see"

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