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In defense of Austin, Texas.

Poop Man Bob

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I've recenlty noticed a lot of misinformation on this board about Austin, Texas. It is, as you might know, my current place of residence, and I don't intend to leave anytime soon. I can understand much of the dislike of Texas, what with Dubya and Halliburton and Enron and all, but I'd like to clear up some misconceptions about Austin.


Austin is an absolutely great city, and I hope to convince you so you can later say, "man, fuck Texas; except for Austin, which rules."




Situated on the banks of the Colorado River, Austin is an eclectic town

noted for its politics, scholars, rolling hills, live music, boutiques, movie

stars, and even for Central Market, a gourmet grocery store that offers a

world-class cooking school, seated massages, and live music performances.





  • Population: 680,000
  • Slogan: "Keep Austin Weird"
  • America's Coolest City (#1, Forbes, 2004)
  • Best City for Singles (#1, Forbes, 2003)
  • Best Places to Live (#1 – 2003, Forbes)
  • Best City for Hispanics (#1 – 2004, Hispanic Magazine)
  • One of Travel & Leisures' Best Loved Cities (#4, 2003)
  • One of Money Magazine's Best Places to Live (Money, 2002)
  • One of the Coolest Cities in America (#2, NBC, 2003)
  • Travis County (where Austin is located) voted 56% to 42% for John Kerry in the 2004 election. Texas overall went 61-38 for Bush.
  • Highest per capita bookstore sales in the United States ($195 per household)
  • 172 city parks
  • 125 music venues
  • Landmark Barton Springs pool
  • 30 miles of urban hike-and-bike rails
  • 9 wilderness areas


+ + +







+ + +



Music Scene

  • Austin, nicknamed the "Live Music Capital of the World," has more than 120 live music venues offering a complete range of musical styles, from rhythm and blues and Southern jazz to hard rock, country/western and Tejano.
    Local, national and international acts of all sizes and styles can be heard year-round, but things always heat up in March, when Austin plays host to
South by Southwest (SXSW), an internationally acclaimed 10-day, music, film and multimedia event. Each day, SXSW features multimedia and music industry exhibitions, educational panel discussions and workshops examining all three industries. By night, the SXSW Music Festival showcases more than 400 bands, and film screenings are held in numerous Austin venues.
Austin has a cable access channel — The Austin Music Network — that showcases the best local talent and airs videos sampling all of the region's musical diversity.
The inaugural Austin City Limits Music Festival attracted more than 75,000 music lovers to Zilker Park in 2002. An extension of the popular PBS show Austin City Limits, the festival aims at showcasing the best local music as well as major acts from around the world. See my pictures from the 2003 festival here.


+ + +



The University of Texas

UT is located in Austin, boasting a student population of over 50,000 - the second largest in the nation. UT was recently named by Playboy as the #1 school with the best-looking girls in the nation. Plus we won the Rose Bowl, bitches.


+ + +



I think this is enough information for now. I might add more later. For the time being, here are some photos (all mine):


Downtown from Zilker Park.




Sunset at the Austin City Limits Festival.




Ben Harper at the Austin City Limits Festival.




This is Leslie, Austin's most famous homeless dude. And, yes, he is a dude, despite his affinity for leotards and skirts and all things pretty. He's become such a town icon that I have no doubt someone bought him a ticket to ACL (~$40) that day, which is where I snapped this photo. Here's a site with a bunch of good pictures of him doing his part to keep Austin weird.




From Mt. Bonnell, overlooking Lake Austin.




Hamilton Pool.




Hamilton Pool.




Hamilton Pool.




On the drive to Hamilton Pool.




Krausse Springs.




On the lake.

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Oh, and this may not be a "cool" thing about Austin, but regardless: the next season of Real World is currently filming here in town. I think it's supposed to start airing in June, so those of you who choose to watch will get more Austin than just this thread.


Wow. I just did a search for "real world austin," and this site came up. People are fucking obsessed.

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austin should be it's own state...

it puts the rest of texas to shame...



its more like texas should be its own country based on the fact that texas rules and other states are just plain alright... haha just kidding... but texans usually have lots of state pride and people who have come to visit me and friends of mine have felt that when they come here.. texas is the shit and when you live here you live by that....

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Originally posted by Poop Man Bob@Feb 18 2005, 06:53 AM

Oh, and this may not be a "cool" thing about Austin, but regardless: the next season of Real World is currently filming here in town.




Live up to your name, find out where it's filming and smear poop all over their front door. Then when June comes around we can all watch the episode where they have a group meeting to discuss your poop.

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I've always heard that Austin is a pretty liberal minded place. To be situated in the middle of cowboy-republican-land makes some sense. The people with any sanity at all want some sort of haven.


I hate football with a passion. You did not score points for posting pics of the stadium.


You scored multiple points for mentioning that Kerry won 56% of Travis county vote. That's an alright margin. It could be worse. I thought that even a city like Austin would have to vote for the local boy, no matter how fucked in the head he is.


I give Austin the thumbs up. *** By the way, your presentation gets an A+. I enjoy the way you took all you've learned from school projects and presented it to us in a scholastic and professional manner, complete with research and statistics.

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